Such Was The Power Of Immortal Love

It made you uninhibitedly laugh; triggering you to escalate perennially above a land of unparalleled happiness,

It made you turbulently cry; candidly divulging the inner most voices of your soul; in each iota of ebullient atmosphere around,

It made you melodiously sing; emanate the most harmonious tunes from your despairing throat; although you miserably stuttered to spell your very own name,

It made you bounce rhapsodically on mists of enchanting paradise; till the last droplet of blood in your veins compassionately flowed,

O! yes such was the power of immortal love; that it made you feel the richest entity alive; perpetually bonding your immaculate spirit with angels above the divine.

It made you wholeheartedly embrace; shrugging all your abominable apprehensions; despicably discriminating united humanity,

It made you bask in the glory of unrelentingly untamed fantasy; surreally floating in a magical entrenchment of everlasting excitement,

It made you stand like an impregnable fortress; weather the most acrimonious of storm with astronomical fire blazing in your eyes,

It made you philander like an innocent child; exploring and blossoming into exhilarating newness; as each instant unveiled philosophically outside,

O! yes such was the power of immortal love; that it made you feel like an embellished prince; perpetually bathing in the scent of voluptuous lotus; on cloud nine.

It made you believe in yourself; reaffirming your faith in every sect of wonderful human kind,

It made you break the estranged monotony of your bedraggled life; reminisce in the enthrallment of all those beautiful moments that you had encountered in
adventurous life,

It made you soar like a majestic eagle through the fathomless expanse of exuberant sky; even as you made the most nimblest of effort to walk,

It made you successful in whatever philanthropic you undertook; enveloping your drearily diminishing persona; with tornado’s of unsurpassable delight,

O! yes such was the power of immortal love; that not only did it make each moment of your present life a veritable paradise; but granted you the unconquerable tenacity to exist for an infinite more lifetimes.

It made you attempt the unbelievably alluring; yet emerge out triumphant without a scar to your robust smiles,

It made you tirelessly dream; perceiving and evolving the most wonderfully mesmerizing feelings; lingering bountifully on the trajectory of this colossal planet,

It made you benevolently empathize for your fellow comrades in inexplicable agony; treat every element of their pain as your very own,

It made you desire beyond the realms of pragmatically conventional imagination; incinerating whirlpools of passionate electricity in each of your indolently dormant veins,

O! yes such was the power of immortal love; that it blessed you with the most blissful characteristics to be alive; took you the closet to your ultimate mission in life
and Almighty Lord; alike.


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