Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 , 1977 ) , from Ahmedabad, India – is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India’s Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an author of – ‘ LONGEST BOOK written by a mortal – COLLECTED POETRY ‘ , which has a Print Length of 5254 pages on the Amazon Kindle .

The Poet’s style of Poetry / literature is unique and has never ever been written before or experimented on the mortal planet by any mortal . Though his Poetry / literature is normal and natural .

10 Different National records held by Parekh with the Limca Book of Records India are for –

(1) Being the First Indian Poet to be published / featured in McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme which is the World’s Number 1 English Rhyming Dictionary — for his poem : Come Lets Embrace our New Religion

(2) Being the First Indian Poet to have won Poet of the Year Award at the Canadian Federation of Poets which is Canada’s National Poetry Body endorsed by Governor General of Canada

(3) Being the First Indian Poet to be published in a Commonwealth Newsletter for his poem on AIDS which is  – ‘ Aids doesn’t kill. Your Attitude kills ‘

(4) Being the First Indian Poet to win an EPPIE award for best poetry e-book

(5) Writing the most number of letters to and receiving the most number of replies from World Leaders and World Organizations 

(6) Being the First Indian Poet to be Goodwill Ambassador to the International Goodwill Treaty for World Peace – 

(7) Being the First Indian Poet whose Poems have been made into Films at – The World’s largest video sharing website 

(8) Being the 1st Indian Poet to be featured for his Poetry Book – ‘Love versus Terrorism- Poems on Anti Terror, Peace’ , at – The World’s most popular ebook community and largest website for reading books on mobile phones

( 9 ) Being the first Indian Poet whose video reciting a Poem on Nelson Mandela , has been placed at the official website of the Government of South Africa

(10) Having authored LONGEST BOOK written by a mortal – COLLECTED POETRY – which is of Print Length 5254 pages and has approximately 1.15 million words , selling on The Amazon Kindle Store for US $ 159.66 (Rs. 10,999.00) at – .

Images and Details of Parekh’s different National Records in Poetry and Awards can be visited at –

The Indian Poet has authored thousands of varied Poems on – God , Peace , Love , Anti Terrorism , Friendship , Life , Death , Environment, Wildlife , Mother , Father , Children , Parenthood , Humanity , Social Cause , Women empowerment , Poverty , Lovers , Brotherhood . His different Books and versatile Poems  have had millions of viewers and downloads on the Internet .

47 Books written by the Poet include the titles as described on this page . These can be financially purchased in the EBook format from the United States Kindle Store at – .

1 God – Poems on God , Creator – volume 1 to volume 4 ( 522 pages )

LONGEST BOOK written by a mortal – COLLECTED POETRY ( This Book has a Print Length of 5254 pages on the Amazon Kindle )

Love Versus Terrorism – Poems on Anti Terror , Peace , Love , Brotherhood – Part 1 to Part 2 ( 409 pages )

You die; I die – Love Poems – Part 1 to Part 16 ( 1600 pages )

Life = Death – Poems on Life , Death – volume 1 to volume 10 ( 1201 pages )

The Power of Black – Poems on Humanity , Social Cause , Poverty , Women empowerment – volume 1 to volume 2 ( 400 pages )

Hide and Seek – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems – part 1 to part 8 ( 702 pages )

If you cut a tree; you cut your own mother ( 218 pages )

The Womb – Poems on Mother , Father , Children , Parenthood – volume 1 to volume 2 ( 272 pages )

Longest Poem written by Nikhil Parekh – Only as Life ( 81 pages ) . ___________________________________


Parekh’s Poetry has received the patronization , support of World Leaders , World  Organizations – including His Holiness the Dalai Lama , U.S. President Barack Obama , The Queen of England , The President of France , United Nations and the Commonwealth .  A selection of varied Letters from World leaders including 2 different letters from the Queen of England to Parekh in support and patronization of his Poetry ; can be read online at – .

Select Media Coverages by DNA Newspaper  ( and the Times of India ( covering the Poet’s World Leader support can be read online at – DNA Newspaper – Can Nikhil Parekh write Poems? Yes he can says Barack Obama and Times Of India Newspaper – The prolific poet ‘The Queen appreciated the poems that I sent her’ , at ; .



Several of the Indian Poet’s different Poems have now been made into Short Films of Five to Ten minutes Duration. These have been directed by Charles Kluesener in the U.S. Music to the Films has been given by Award Winning American Music Composers – Justin Durban , Alisa Hight ; Lee I Garrett , AshleyAlyse . To watch the Poet’s varied Poems as versatile Films at ( The World’s largest video website ) visit – ; the webpage .