The Womb – Poems on Mother , Father , Children , Parenthood – volume 2












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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 60 differently titled Poems , is actually volume 2 of the Book titled – The Womb ( 250 pages ) . A flurry of poetic concoctions dedicated to the ever-pervading woman and mother. Profoundly saluting her love, compassion and resolute grit as she evolves a diminutive infant into a powerhouse of talent, into a complete individual. The poems in the collection are humble salutations to the essence of Parenthood, to the unbelievable depths of sacrifice that a mother resorts whilst bringing up her child right since its inception in the womb. Each poem reveres the ‘godly womb’ as the source of all creation that has ever been. This book in itself is the most befitting tribute to the agonizing odysseys of parents as they nourish their children-and children as they grow up as the most powerful angels of God to stupefy all humanity with their inherent charm. A quintessential read for every parent or parent to be, it brings out the charm of creation since the very first breath. The verses within bountifully poeticize every unbridled mischief of a child with its beloved parents.