The Power of Black – Poems on Humanity , Social Cause , Poverty , Women empowerment – volume 2












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This Book which has 72 differently titled Poems , is actually volume 2 of the Book titled – The Power of Black – Poems on Humanity , Social Cause , Poverty , Women empowerment ( 400 pages ) .


The Book cardinally aims to end the negative perception and energies associated with the color black and the under-privileged sections of the society. Many a different times the utmost exhilaration spawns from a persons disability as his/her desire to achieve the impossible is several times heightened than the normal counterpart. The magical essence of Black has been epitomized to the hilt in every poetic stanza that follows-to lead to a trail of unassailable victory.

Dedicated To

This collection of poems is endlessly dedicated to the power of the color Black. Black which in common parlance is perceived to be negative and a disability to continue the chapters of life. But this very Black which has been described as the most powerful color for survival on earth. The most magical fragrance of every entities soul which continues to infatuate even beyond the dormitories of heaven and hell.


I nikhil parekh am truly grateful to every bit of Blackness enshrouding me, which has made me a magician to express the innermost realms of my soul into poetic verse on blank paper. Black is beautiful. Black triumphs till beyond eternity. Black is the most inscrutably tantalizing fabric of existence. God bless Black.

About The Poetry Book

The poet has genuinely believed that even the most inexplicable of sorrow can be projected as well as alleviated via the power of magical poetry. Wondrously implementing the same in this soothing compendium of poems-Parekh brings to the fore various evils lingering in the society and tries to cure them offering the balm of poetry. The poems contained within are starkly explicit and poignantly debate on various global social causes like female foeticide, blindness, smoking, molestation, adopting the girl child, hiv-aids discrimination.etc. In a battle of adroit analogies the poet emphatically portrays even the tiniest of social evil and urges mankind to rise above the same. Poetically he tries to unite hearts all across the Universe in the spirit of love, oneness and compassion to give birth to a renaissance against evil and unjustness. This victorious concoction of poems would appeal to all those who’ve so selflessly fought for a social cause and to uproot evil forever from the fabric of society.