A Tribute To The Nobel Prize (Nobelprize.Org) – My Humble Salutation.

Poetry written in appreciation of the Nobel Prize; as the world’s most coveted honor.

Wondrously transparent was its grandeur- which enamored the world with the charm of invincible substance- for the greatest benefit of the living kind,

Brilliantly optimistic was its presentation- rekindling fresh rays of hope and compassion in a planet usurped within the mortuaries of a meaningless war,

Majestically opulent was its flamboyant demeanor- as it ensured that truth prevailed in its own inimitable aura- and was perseveringly harnessed from its fragrant roots,

Marvelously resplendent was its victorious trail- reaching out to the absolute best and awarding symbiotic humanitarian existence with laurels of humble goodness,

Humanitarianly humble; yet astoundingly mighty were its deeds- as it accredited the true worth of success and insurmountable achievement- with the honor it deserved,

Selflessly sensational were its headlines- as people of all religion; caste; creed and color united under a single roof of unparalleled love- to congratulate a fresh voice of promise,

Gloriously embracing were its altruistic palms- as it unabashedly invited the common man as well as the super celebrity to browse its website- wherein lay the most impeccable pearls of literature on the most fascinating aspects of existence,

Bounteously charismatic were its foundations- which evolved the most idealistic civilization of love; peace; friendship; dignity; integrity; peace and religious equality,

Triumphantly enriching were its medallions- which reinforced faith in the ability to pursue conviction and let it uninhibitedly fructify into the fruits of joyous positivity,

Irrefutably fearless were its decisions- as it poignantly accoladed the most deserving candidates in their respective fields- wholeheartedly appreciating talent and effort where it royally lay,

Marvelously magnanimous were its ceremonies- where the most intrepid of laureates had their own inimitably natural opinions- on their chosen paths in blessed life,

Honestly unbiased were its intentions- as it ingeniously segregated human fields of achievements into the most outstanding categories- defining peace; love; brotherhood and the betterment of the living kind,

Handsomely benevolent were its goals- as it patronized any form of goodness that lit up besmirched darkness with the profoundly sublime rays of togetherness and humanity,

Magnetically alluring was its charm- as it broke barriers of discomfort – facilitating inspired dialogue between you and the individual they crowned as their esteemed laureate,

Ardently persevering were its ideals- as it embarked on its zealously fulfilling mission of instilling solidarity amidst humanity- with its philanthropic commitment to mankind,

Beautifully bonding was its empowering feel- as what transpired at its prize giving function- was the world feeling more resourcefully enriched with the goodness of creation,

Indeed it was as “Nobel” as its name which is the “Nobel Prize”.

It can also be further visited at its website – NobelPrize.org.

And as a true citizen of my sacrosanct motherland India- I, Nikhil Parekh, offer it my humble salutation!


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