A Wall Of Blackness- Our Most Sadistic Savior.

It was a wall of hopelessly crippling and deplorable blackness; a wall whose treacherous realms seemed to stretch to even an infinite kilometers beyond the
realms of hopeless infinite infinity,

It was a wall of treacherously terrorizing and parasitic blackness; a wall whose foundations were indelibly soaked in unsurpassable mortuaries of pristinely innocuous blood,

It was a wall of tyrannically hedonistic and bigotic blackness; a wall whose cadaverously invidious dimensions couldn’t at all be measured; by any of the holistic living kind,

It was a wall of cynically mocking and crucifying blackness; a wall whose stench of disparagingly venomous lies; granted the most torturous of death; even at every exuberantly unfurling instant of life,

It was a wall of vindictively tawdry and sinful blackness; a wall which spelt devastatingly confounded misery; at every conceivable step that we alighted on
the trajectory of spell binding earth,

It was a wall of traumatically inexplicable and prurient blackness; a wall which was infact the most veritably unfortunate staircase to the unstoppably massacring devil’s graveyard,

It was a wall of ignominiously slandering and victimizing blackness; a wall which asphyxiated us more and more lecherously towards penalizing stagnation; even as we were in the most enchanting prime of life,

It was a wall of indescribably silent and neglecting blackness; a wall which disassociated us in criminal entirety; from every tangible and intangible aspect of the symbiotic earth outside,

It was a wall of despondently livid and incarcerating blackness; a wall which led only to the coffins of the cancerously jinxed past; irrespective of the boundlessly bestowing virility trapped in our stride,

It was a wall of ominously abhorrent and abusive blackness; a wall which sealed even the most inconspicuously optimistic aperture of our life; with whiplashes of irrevocably hapless denial,

It was a wall of insidiously jailing and punitive blackness; a wall which indiscriminately bludgeoned even the last ounce of strength from our holistically effervescent veins,

It was a wall of despairingly delinquent and unsparing blackness; a wall which diabolically curtailed us from relishing even the most oblivious of pleasures on this fathomlessly enriching planet,

It was a wall of ghoulishly non-existent and ribald blackness; a wall which tirelessly pulverized us as a piece of excoriated shit; irrespective of our caste; creed; dignity; color or kind,

It was a wall of chauvinistically inflated and unending blackness; a wall which forever rendered us horribly maimed; and bereft of even the most infinitesimal enlightenment in the chapter of our truncated life,

It was a wall of doggedly dying and morbid blackness; a wall which cast its spell of intolerably strangulating evil upon every of our kind; irrespective of any ostensible reason or rhyme,

It was a wall of tirelessly frustrating and penalizing blackness; a wall which just couldn’t be felled by even the most perpetual force of righteousness or united might,

It was a wall of maliciously demeaning and spurious blackness; a wall which made us feel like frigidly deteriorating matchsticks; on the firmament of this boundlessly benign Universe,

It was a wall of truculently fetid and never-ending blackness; a wall which fomented us to horrendously stumble and falter; even on the most infallibly
unflinching footsteps of life,

It was a wall of brutally tormenting and devilish blackness; a wall which no fraternity of the living race on planet divine; could ever tolerate even for lightening fractions of time; and which we were gifted with for the remainder of our lives,

It was a wall of disgustingly ghastly and unforgiving blackness; a wall which made us at times lose our faith in the Omnipresent Almighty; wholesomely drowned and wavering in a sea of despairing darkness,

It was a wall of blackness which didn’t spare us the slightest at even the most ultimate breath of our lives; it was a wall of blackness which was our irrefutably unconquerable destiny irrespective of what the lines on our palms otherwise said; it was such a wall of blackness which would perpetually stay with us as our most sadistic savior as we were born blind; and to break even an obfuscated portion of it we desperately needed eyesight; which we would never ever get in the destined tenure of our utterly devastated lifetime.


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