Are You Ready To Fulfill The Tree’s Last Wish?

You unsparingly spat leftovers of your food on its innocent body – yet the same tree granted you the most tranquil contentment under its branches; as the afternoon glare fiercely torched even the last bone
of your creaking spine,
You ruthlessly plucked a plentiful of its leaf without any reason or rhyme – yet the same tree enamored you with boundless an untold story;as you slumped your entire weight in tiredness; across its majestic trunk,
You barbarously scratched it to express frustration for your penurious life – yet the same tree healed even the most inexplicably bleeding of your wounds; as you perched in its magical shadow which radiated immortal love,
You inhumanely dug a countless nails into its body to hang your belongings – yet the same tree stood like an infallible fortress between you and the storm; perpetuating nothing but rejuvenating friendship into every pore of your frigidly shivering skin,
You insidiously drilled a hole through it to keep sight of your
enemy – yet the same tree transformed each of its tears into
blessings just for you; to give you new direction and fortitude to righteously pursue chapters of a truthful life,
You venomously reduced it into a practice punching bag as you pummeled its form with your daily morning kicks and blows – yet the same tree imparted supreme enlightenment to your waveringly beleaguered vision; with its entrenchment of vivacious green,
You insanely emptied all brutal lead in your gun into its unflinching body as it served as the best target range – yet the same tree provided royal shelter in its top branches to your trembling form; as you hurriedly scampered up to escape the satanic wolves,
You cannibalistically slit its throat an umpteen times to crackle up your night with that quintessential firewood – yet the same tree welcomed you with the most everlasting embrace of its swishing arms and leaf; as every of your beguilingly merciless kin had deserted you to die of solitude,
You vindictively defecated; vomited; urinated at its stem; to show you give a damn – yet the same tree blessed and showered you with a festoon of feathers; leaves; raindrops and goodness; with every single draught of gusty wind; and made you feel like an ultimate prince,
You diabolically whipped it with your waist-belt and walking stick to release the volcanic energy of your numb shoulder and palm – yet the same tree befriended you with kisses of love; as you clung to it like a child when the devastating earthquake struck,
You hurled on it every abuse you’d learnt in the process of your life as you knew it hadn’t the power to retaliate – yet the same tree gave you the ultimate pillow to sleep on every night in its compassionately protruding roots; when the hole in your tattered pockets grew larger by the minute,
You indiscriminately butchered its body many a time to get rid of unkempt weeds that loitered your spurious courtyard – yet the same tree blossomed once again in due course of time taking its strength from mother earth; only to bless you with that everlasting shade; cool and mid-summer siesta,
You ominously inscribed many an enthusing shape on its body with your knife only to woo your girlfriend to profess – yet the same tree saw to it that your friendship immortalized into the truest of love; courtesy its now gruesomely bleeding countenance split into livid rags,
You tyrannically subjected it to all kinds of electricity; just to
assert how ingeniously you’d proved that it too had life – yet the same tree gave you a roof for your house when it’d blown away; chivalrously gave you its fruit to eat when your bowels were on the verge of spewing famished blood,
You belligerently stripped it of all its flower every morning to
empower your flower shop with its lifeless roots and scent – yet the same tree gave you that much missing whistle in your monotonous existence; tantalizing you to fantasize about all goodness on this fathomless planet,
You sadistically burnt every bit of its charm on the spurious pretext that ghosts were stuck to it – yet the same tree once again evolved into a kingly assortment of flowers; leaves and silken branch; to comfort you in your bizarre sadness and prove that it was nothing but nature’s ultimate gift to all mankind,
You greedily snatched its newborn tendrils each day to farcically brush the already shines whites of your teeth – yet the same tree bore the brunt of every heinous sword; stone and bomb on its naked body; singlehandedly wading off the fanatic mob; invincibly guarding you as you snored,
You unthinkably let countless of it felled down to read your books on lavish paper instead of switching over to e-books – yet the same tree continued to enlighten your nostrils with its scent of a united earth; as you fancily flipped through your novel pages extracted from its pristine bark,
And even as you were about to criminally extricate it from its very roots to make way for your new dwelling – the tree only asked you to fulfill its final wish – that was to plant it at some place else; where it’d once again catch root by the grace of God – continue to bless you with unsurpassable cisterns of luck; happiness; contentment; fantasy; shade and charm as it blossomed up towards blue sky,
So are you ready to forgive it as it had also forgiven you a countless times; Are you ready to fulfill the Tree’s one last wish?

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