Coiled Springs

I leapt audaciously from the balcony rail; hurtling at full speeds towards the obdurate ground,
However I escaped without a scar to my skin; and all my bones solidly agglutinated to each other.

I plummeted from the top floor of the edifice; increasing my velocity as I approached the ground,
However I got up instantly a few seconds after the fall; smiling frivolously at the austere Sun.

I jumped from the aircraft flying at unprecedented heights; floating gradually towards the earth,
However when I did land; I thoroughly maintained my stoicism; and refrained to cry.

I plunged from unfathomable heights of the diving board into the pool; cascading as straight as an arrow into the waters,
However as I fell with a thunderous roar; I swam up to the surface feeling unperturbed by the commotion.

I tripped inadvertently from the roof while playing; heading in perfect alignment with the rocky stones,
However my flesh didn’t bleed neither did my eyes tear; even after the deafening impact.

I was pushed into the thousand feet deep well by a bunch of miscreants; as my cries echoed through the slimy walls,
However as I tasted the blend of frog and dead fish; I still escaped unhurt and with an enchanting glow in my eyes.

I flung myself from the tall tree to flee from the venomous reptiles; diving head on towards an assemblage of wildly sprawled thorns,
However after landing I gazed pacifically at the opalescent moon; unfazed and relishing my close proximity with the thorns.

I stepped out of the speeding train; catapulting several kilometers before I came to a state of inertia,
However at last when I discovered my breath; there were no signs at all of broken bones or deadly fracture.

Well I think the time is conducive to reveal the secret that lay imprisoned in my heart,
I had worn large rings of coiled springs completely encompassing my back,
Flocculent foams of Dunlop compactly fitted to my persona; with satin balls of cotton clinging like a new born to my cheek,
The cotton and coiled springs had saved me on umpteenth an occasion; granting me a chance to live and profoundly admire the beauty that I saw.

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