I was completely brown when I was born; emitted my first cry,
As my mother hoisted me high in the air towards the almighty; asking him to bless me with fairer complexion.

I was completely brown when I matured into youth; shedding all innocence of childhood,
And didn’t possess the faintest streak of white on my demeanor; making it easy for people to sight me in the crowd.

I was completely brown in sunlight; as acrimonious rays of the sun struck my persona,
Refrained to impregnate a darker texture in my skin; stood unfazed as the tumultuous heat took its tyranny.

I was completely brown when I had an attack of severe cold; with loads of mucus dribbling down my nose,
And every unleashing minute that unfolded; prompting me to thunderously sneeze.

I was completely brown when burglars entered my dwelling; pilfering handsome amounts of currency,
Threatening me to divulge secrets; marauding my intricate documents placed by the golden lamp.

And I remained completely brown when I died; relinquishing my final terrestrial breath,
Simply didn’t change color; nor did allow any other shade to blend with my perpetual brown.


While when you were born; you had a snow white complexion of the skin,
And your mother praised you in elders with bombastic flattery; feeling blessed to have you white.

When you matured to youth; you acquired a silken tan to contrast with
your white,
Making you the darling of furtive philanders; with a battalion of young men dying to court with you.

When you were in dazzling light of the celestial sun; you acquired a distinctive tan,
Coating your supple face with profound lines of black; inundating your skin with yellow freckles.

When you had an attack of severe cold; prompting you to blow your nose umpteenth times in an hour,
Your skin turned crimson red; with infinite patches in your neck developing disdainful allergy.

When nefarious burglars invaded your house; your face transited to a deathly white,
Seemed immensely pallid; with your resplendent color fading like the day unveils itself into the morbid night.

And when eventually you departed for your heavenly abode; your complexion changed to nimble blue,
Kept changing to darker perspectives of blue; with your fairness now converted to obnoxious filaments of variegated color.

and yet after all this; you had the impetuous audacity to call me colored!

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