Do Something

Do something; that wholesomely metamorphoses the complexion of the dreadfully dreary atmosphere; enlightening it with fireballs of overwhelmingly insatiable euphoria,

Do something; that perennially culminates into a marvelously bountiful fantasy; enthrallingly mesmerizing one and all alike; with your wonderfully ravishing touch,

Do something; that alleviates tumultuously bereaved humanity from dungeons of disparaging desperation; filtering a beam of benign hope in their obliviously
shattered lives,

Do something; that thunderously fulminates into a mountain of unassailable felicity; bestowing a wave of rhapsodically unprecedented jubilation; upon all those savagely wandering and in agonizing strife,

Do something; that perpetually grants blissful freedom to your sacred motherland; annihilates even the most infinitesimal trace of uncouth diabolism; for countless more births yet to unveil,

Do something; that celestially augurs well for the unleashing future; evolving an intriguingly everpervading township of friendship; and divine solidarity,

Do something; that innocuously pacifies the murderously estranged soul; diffuses a wave of triumphant melody in every ingredient of the ominously vindictive blood,

Do something; that casts a spell of everlasting righteousness upon the corpse of remorsefully salacious lies; irrefutably coalescing the gargantuan planet; in threads of priceless mankind,

Do something; that inherently evokes enchanting fantasy in every space of derogatory hell; harmoniously deluging lambasted lives with spurts of; unequivocally vivacious charisma,

Do something; that triggers a ray of unconquerably Omnipotent hope; in all those dwellings horrendously besieged with ghastly solitude,

Do something; that enthusingly infiltrates an ocean of tingling excitement; on the faces of all those aimlessly dwindling in the graveyard of commercially monotonous melancholy,

Do something; that miraculously transforms even the most lugubriously deadened of seeds; into flowers pristinely blossoming under golden rays of; profoundly exotic sunlight,

Do something; that unrelentingly showers a downpour of heavenly goodness; upon even the most diminutively capricious cranny of this earth; decaying towards
nonchalant emptiness,

Do something; that eternally bonds ardently palpitating hearts in entrenchments of impregnable sharing and sensuousness; for infinite more births yet to unveil,

Do something; that forever instills a smile on the faces of all those miserably orphaned; encapsulating them like your very own; in the swirl of compassionately unending timelessness,

Do something; that envelops every arena of this devastatingly coldblooded planet; with the Sun of intrepidly unflinching patriotism; an unparalleled tenacity to laugh even in the face of the most inexplicable of adversity,

Do something; that magically ameliorates the trauma of destitute urchins to the most unsurpassable limits; propels them on an indefatigable mission to defend the cause of sparkling honesty,

Do something; that philanthropically unites all human irrespective of caste; creed; color and spurious belief handsomely alike; in the religion of Omniscient humanity,

And in order to immortalize all the above ” do something’s”, into unshakable reality; the Almighty Creator said was; do love; preach love and witness divinely love .


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