For The Sake Of

For the sake of starved territories of tarnished grass,
The crimson colored sky should sob unrelentingly and; rain.

For the sake of pallid regions of earth obliterated from bright light,
The celestial body of SUN GOD should dazzle brilliantly; and shine.

For the sake of blind afflicted with distress and inexplicable pain,
The handsomely affluent and privileged should help them attain their goals; and aims.

For the sake of nimble footed squirrel leaping in bubbling fervor of youth,
The neem tree should emboss itself with lots of crevices; and game.

For the sake of distorted bones of broken calcium,
The sacrosanct and robust cow should ooze milk; and frosty cream.

For the sake of famished alligator lurking stealthily on nocturnal prowl,
A cluster of succulent fish should relinquish breath; and become food.

For the sake of vacant sheets of satiny white canvas,
Adroit strokes of the artist should fill it with resplendent root color.

For the sake of fortifying a lock of strong blue metal,
There should exist a master key that can wind it; rendering securely close.

For the sake of freedom of mind, body, and spirit,
There should be philanthropic harmony; blending varied races under the sun as one.

For the sake of life to proceed devoid of savage brutality,
There should be bountiful messiahs of god to impart the essence of truth.

For the sake of pictures taken with sleek camera,
There should be animate or inanimate in neighboring vicinity.

And for the sake of my heart throbbing at rollicking speeds,
There should be a solitary girl residing in this universe; who can love me intensely; making me feel that I am alive.


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