Free Saliva

When i spit saliva on brackish complexioned tan ground,
there were pearly streaks of white formed amidst an assemblage of disdainful black.

when i spit saliva on the scintillating surface of immaculate marble,
hordes of pedestrians tripped headlong; after an encounter with the slippery surface.

when i spit saliva on ravishing morsels of steaming food,
the concoction transited to a fetid brown; hosting an army of obnoxious mosquito.

when i spit saliva on delectable pints of frosty milk,
the opulently prosperous liquid turned into fermented bitter cream.

when i spit saliva on finely decimated granules of sugar,
it produced a molten ointment of jaggery; deleterious to health.

when i spit saliva on arid patches of blistering air,
the ambience was submerged in passionate humidity; pacifying high strung temper.

when i spit saliva on the surface of vast sapphire ocean,
it simply faded into oblivion; diffusing amongst colossal chains of trapped salt.

when i spit saliva in vehicular petrol,
the elixir was rendered useless for further use; failing miserably in its
attempts to rekindle the machine.

when i spit saliva on a jugglery of software electronic,
the contraption hissed currents of venomous electricity; electrocuting tender bones in my skin.

when i spit saliva on slithering persona of jungle reptile,
its demeanor glittered like pure gold; blended with stripes of vibrant yellow.

when i spit saliva on crisp sheets of morning paper,
the manuscript was reduced to threadbare pulp; with distorted lines of English literature.

when i spit saliva on burning embers of black coal,
the flames died a natural death; with sporadic spurts in intensity.

when i spit saliva on parched soil of the desert,
it applauded my efforts; thanking me heartily for my assiduous efforts.

and when i didn’t spit saliva at all; my body
retaliated in poignant anger,
irresistible sensations proliferated in my mouth,
and i eventually burst open my constipated mouth; emitting a frothy spray; as it didn’t cost me to spit loads of free saliva.


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