Poem – Happy Marriage Anniversary .

May this day  bestow upon you bountiful riches,

May this day bless you with all that is wholeheartedly benevolent,

May this day reinforce your life with fathomless number of living years,

May this day exempt you from every misdeed that you inadvertently

May this day eradicate every ounce of hysterical agony from your heart,

May this day transform the bleary caricature of your monotonously devastated face, into one with sacrosanct smiles,

May this day freeze tears of gloom which oozed profusely from your immaculately magical eyes; transforming them into a wand of happiness,

May this day safeguard you invincibly against deathly mishaps and obnoxious falls,

May this day ensure that even the tiniest of your desires; were handsomely replenished to the most unprecedented limits,

May this day quench your thirst for philanthropic prosperity; with sacrosanct
blessings from the Almighty Lord,

May this day clear all evil mists devastatingly obfuscating your impeccable
demeanor; making you the most priceless entity alive,

May this day evacuate all those sordidly pointed thorns adhering incorrigibly to your nimble feet; annihilate every obstacle that dared come your way,

May this day bless you with an unassailably euphoric charisma; making you the most inimitable darling of all crowds,

May this day wade away even the most mercurial trace of ominously lethal; fervently waiting to snare every bit of your celestial goodness,

May this day place you in a royally glittering palace; an adobe which perennially flowed with the unconquerably symbiotic richness of humanity,

May this day revitalize your soul with rays of impregnable optimism; as the Sun dazzled infallibly every mystically brilliant dawn,

May this day make you feel that you’d just taken fresh birth; to enjoy and profoundly exultate in every bit of panoramic goodness of this miraculous planet,

May this day give you the strength to triumph over every devil existing and beyond; make you feel the most wonderfully truthful entity alive,

May this day gift you with the miraculous prowess of healing the most
horrifically deplorable miseries; with the Omnipotent ointment of love in your benign heart; soul; and conscience,

Therefore here’s wishing you O! human couple of man and woman; a righteously Prosperous And Happy Marriage Anniversary  .


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