The heart of crystalline egg shell; lies in life bestowing yellow yolk,

The heart of a fortified brick wall; lies in the amalgamated stone,

The heart of slippery spider; lies in satiny threads of its web,

The heart of tubular body bone; lies in amounts of calcium it impregnates,

The heart of colossal ocean; lies in the intense fervor of salt it possesses,

The heart of humming bee; lies in sumptuous stacks of honey inhabiting the apiary,

The heart of a thoroughbred stallion; lies in its majestically muscled angular leg,

The heart of a tortoise; lies in obdurate covering of its shell,

The heart of an automobile; lies in its proficiency to adeptly brake,

The heart of a postman; lies in philanthropic bundles of letter’s awaiting to be delivered,

The heart of a venomous mosquito; lies in frugal vials of sting circulating through its persona,

The heart of a light bulb; lies in bare currents of electricity regulating its radiance,

The heart of brackish mud; lies in its prowess to produce fertile crop,

The heart of succulent grass; lies in profound coatings of chlorophyll imparted by sun,

The heart of a four poster bed; lies in silken sponge which can instill celestial siesta,

The heart of golden butter; lies in unprecedented calories secretly imprisoned,

The heart of the inflated python; lies in its invincible power to strangulate innocent prey,

The heart of shabbily attired clouds; lies in gallons of rain about to plummet down,

The heart of scintillating stone; lies in its transparence under brilliant rays of light,
The heart of the iron clad sailing ship; lies in its dogmatic vigor to wade through stormy waters,

The heart of a tribal cow; lies in freshly extracted pails of virgin milk,

The heart of eloquent speech; lies in the fleshy organ of tongue encompassed
by mouth,

The heart of ravishing food; lies in flatulence that inevitably develops a few seconds after consumption,

The heart of a famished dog; lies in piquant slices of raw meat,

The heart of a musician; lies solely in the mesmerizing cadence of voice,

The heart of a fanatic lover; lies captivated by the person he adores,

The heart of a tall edifice; lies in the stolidity of its deep dug foundation,

The heart of the jungle; lies in the enigmatic river trespassing through its interiors,

The heart of the nightingale; lies in enchanting tunes emanating from its beak,

The heart of the mountain; lies in gigantic tunnels embedded with boisterous lava,

The heart of unsolicited beauty; lies in supreme simplicity,

The heart of the diabolical demon; lies in clusters of his menacing teeth,

And the heart of all humans lies in; sources of opulence; the person whom they love; and the deity they ardently worship.


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