I Truly Hate Crime

I hated it ; like a dog wandering on the street detests to be lambasted,

I hated it; like thunder clouds in sky which simply refrain to rain,

I hated it; like the seasonal stream of water which protests vehemently against drying,

I hated it; like a sacrosanct priest in the church who intractably rejects worldly pleasures,

I hated it; like the unscrupulous burglar in the street despises to be apprehended,

I hated it; like walls of the palatial mansion severely repulsed ghastly darkness,

I hated it; like the palpable and intricate heart rebukes the closure of breath,

I hated it; like the sensitive tongue in mouth hates to be mercilessly scalded,

I hated it; like silver sands of the ocean thoroughly despise acerbic rays of brilliant sun,

I hated it; like the aircraft soaring high in puffs of clouds hates to collide with the ground,

I hated it; like fresh fruits dangling from tree branches hated to become rotten,

I hated it; like the synchronized demeanor of computer hated a host of virus,

I hated it; like the gleaming surface of immaculate marble hates yellow stain,

I hated it; like an innocuous child abhorrently detests to be scolded,

I hated it; like the motorized lift in the edifice hated to close brusquely midway,

I hated it; like the scintillating edge of sword hated to acquire rust,

I hated it; like the grandiloquent ship sailing on the sea hated to sink,

I hated it; like the people with perfect sight hated to transit to blind,

I hated it; like the silken spider in its web hates to loose balance and fall,

I hated it; like the innocent hate to be tyrannized and brutally mutilated,

I hated it; like compact cubes of solid ice hated to melt,

I hated it; as much as the marathon champion hated to loose the race,

I hated it; as much as a cluster of fortified teeth in the mouth hated to painstakingly decay,

I hated it; as much as I hated to relinquish indispensable breath and die,

Oh! Yes the thing that I hated has been hated profoundly since centuries unprecedented; by all those having a philanthropic spirit to live,

And now I think is the conducive moment to audaciously reveal; that the thing I hated the most was indiscriminate crime .


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