I Wanted To Make The World A Better Place

The nimble blades of grass sprouting from soil; wanted sumptuous Sunshine for
The boisterous squirrels clambering on the tree; wanted a
The reptiles slithering mystically through a labyrinth of blend of insect and large succulent leaf,
The frogs croaking in discordant cacophony; wanted blotted ponds of water to bathe and make merry,
The mystically radiant reptile slithering through jungle bush; wanted
innocuous trespassers; to sting,
The pearly white mushrooms growing rampantly in the fields; wanted tinges of disdainful dirt,
The hunch backed camel traversing through the abysmally hot desert; wanted revitalizing refreshments of water,
The uncanny spider spinning its web with dexterity; wanted to devour unsuspecting prey entangled in vicinity,
The ostentatiously inflated persona of balloon; wanted to soar at unprecedented heights in the air and fly,
The diminutive body of matchstick; wanted to incinerate mammoth buildings and produce fire,
The majestic leopard galloping through the forest, wanted to capsize its prey; pulverize it to pieces,
The ubiquitous birds flying in the sky; wanted to reach back their nests before the onset of perilous night,
The ravenous waves of the sea blended perfectly in full Sunlight; wanted to rise high; collide with the jagged rocks and eventually die,
The brown eyed looking impeccable goat; wanted to consume lots of corn
and produce frosty milk,
The sniffer dogs running at swashbuckling speeds through the city streets; wanted to hunt nefarious criminals; annihilate traces of their entity,
The gigantic lizard on the wall incessantly changed its color; wanted to entice its prey; pretending to be like a dead twig,
The pot bellied ducks quacked for indefatigable hours in the day; wanted scores of opalescent fish to relish,
The monstrous sized tortoise with its neck well camouflaged; wanted a plethora of worm,
The frivolously sculptured domestic cat; wanted to insatiably sip at hidden bowls of milk,
The obnoxiously detestable cockroach violently fluttered its antenna; wanted to safely sleep in the clammy and untidy realms of the gutter,
The diabolical demon in fairy tales; wanted to munch humans like ants in his mouth,
And till the time I existed on this earth in the form of a human being,
I wanted to unrelentingly love; make the world a better place to live in,
With celestial blessings of the Creator; to assist me in every step of my benevolent endeavor.


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