If Only

If only Sunshine replaced gloomy nights of winter cold,
if only tufts of grass replaced barren patches of infertile land,
if only cars replaced filthy exteriors of tumbledown bus,
if only tropical juice replaced beer mugfulls of contaminated water,
if only yards of silk replaced yellow rolls of threadbare cotton,
if only compressed honey biscuits replaced hard loafs of bacterial bread,
if only petroleum extract replaced illegal sales of noxious kerosene,
if only hi-tech computers replaced quintals of school paper stationary,
if only white sparkling marble replaced unpolished fragments of cheap tile,
if only silver spoons replaced their counterpart mates engraved in thick plastic,
if only mirrors replaced morbid walls with crumbling plaster,
if only exquisite snake leather replaced large purses of inferior suede,
if only golden sodium lights replaced dim emissions of fluorescent tubes,
if only luxury air-conditioner replaced Luke warm air draughts of ceiling fan,
if only fecund soil mass replaced colossal plains of scorched sand,
if only varnished mahogany replaced plaintive sheets of ordinary wood,
if only balls of white snow replaced dry laden winds of boiling heat,
if only gold coins replaced all kinds of stone strewn on the ground,
if only affluence replaced poverty residing in all domains of the globe,
then we would seldom pray to the supreme Creator,
his quota of responsibilities thus fading into oblivion,
each of us would then transit to super gods breathing for eternity,
in a strife free world bestowed with undeserved riches


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