Immortal Love

When I sighted it standing over the celestial body of Sun; it appeared profoundly dazzling shimmering in the vibrant rays,

When I sighted it from the iridescent land of moon; it glistened enchantingly propagating ramifications of congeniality,

When I sighted it from pinnacle of the lanky mountain; it appeared blissfully panoramic; thoroughly enlightening the pallid atmosphere,

When I sighted it from the fetid gutter philandering through the obnoxious sewage; it looked all the more enticing; incarcerating me with waves of jubilation,

When I sighted it sitting solitarily on the temple steps; it appeared as sacrosanct as omnipotent god,

When I sighted it riveted to my seat belt in the inexorably speeding car; it looked prominently distinct amidst hazy outlines of the obscure countryside,

When I sighted it through the candle flame; it looked as innocuous as an untainted angel,

When I sighted it from between rustling branches of the jungle tree; it appeared as pellucid as the scintillating mirror in the ambience of torrential thunderstorm,

When I sighted it riding on bare horseback; it looked magnanimous in the backdrop of paddy fields,

When I sighted it from the charcoal laden speeding train; it appeared as immaculate as the silver oyster in the clouds of venomous black smoke,

When I sighted it from swanky interiors of the blaring discotheque; it looked as sagacious as the newborn child,

When I sighted it while snoozing under the sequestered blankets; it appeared as vivid as the resplendent rainbow,

When I sighted it standing on the corrupt politician’s dais; it looked as loyal as the beheaded martyr,

When I sighted it while traversing on sweat soaked grass; it appeared as astounding as globules of water pelting from the sky,
When I sighted it from within the brutal murderer’s den; it looked as impeccable as frosty cow milk,

When I sighted it from a thousand feet beneath the cloistered earth; it appeared as vivacious as the flames of crackling fire,

When I sighted it from within the irrevocably forlorn dead coffin; it looked robust and exuberantly gyrating with life,

When I sighted it from within the interiors of a sunken ship; it appeared as glorious as the monumental whale,

When I sighted it while ambling on the island of pernicious hell; it looked like a fairy having just taken bath in mountain water,

It had presented itself as stupendously flawless; no matter where I attempted sighting it from; the creator in the cosmos called it love; while we had gone one step further christening it as immortal love.


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