The roots unrelentingly wanted to impress the fertile cocoons of chocolate brown soil; by embedding themselves to astronomical limits; and as deep as possible,

The flowers profusely wanted to impress the tranquilly splendid atmosphere; by disseminating their marvelously majestic scent; to even the most fathomless quarters of this colossal Universe,

The squirrels profoundly wanted to impress the boisterously swirling tree trunks; by vivaciously gallivanting through their sensuous labyrinth of roots and tendrils; as the Sun blazed full throttle in the firmament of fathomless sky,

The crocodiles relentlessly wanted to impress the wildly swampy marshes; by menacingly slithering in them under the sinister winds of midnight; fervently
waiting with a glint of diabolism in their eyes; to pulverize innocuous prey into an infinite pieces,

The dew drops ardently wanted to impress the frolicking grass blades; by compassionately caressing their lush green stalks; fantasizing and romancing on
their bodies for times immemorial,

The clouds endlessly wanted to impress parched granules of scorchingly sweltering soil; by indefatigably culminating into an exquisite festoon of unstoppable rain; pelting the most fructifying blessings of the creator; in bountiful abundance,

The mice incorrigibly wanted to impress the hungrily prowling cat; by obediently scratching its irascibly unruly and fidgety skin; while it snored till beyond the realms; of scintillating paradise,

The fish intransigently wanted to impress the ravishingly undulating oceans; by jubilantly leaping up in astoundingly mesmerizing tandem with the tantalizing froth; rhetorically weaving its way ahead as the stars shone enchantingly in the
resplendent sky,

The termites mightily wanted to impress the lackadaisically withering bones; by biting
uninhibitedly through their deathly carcass; smacking their lips thereafter after the stupendously relishing meal,

The Sun perpetually wanted to impress the boundless entrenchment of mystical sky; by fulminating into a poignant fireball of blistering shine at the first crack of dawn; majestically enlightening all horrendously bereaved in vicinity; with the unsurpassable aristocracy in its golden rays,

The prince perennially wanted to impress the royally grandiloquent and exotically embellished castle; by irrefutably emanating the tunes of irrefutable righteousness from his bedazzling throne; dispensing justice to the poor and unassailably rich; from the realms of his chamber; alike,

The mirror unbelievably wanted to impress its discerningly staring beholder; by always portraying his most stringently candid reflection; depicting to him his most explicitly precise measure; of robust weight and towering height,

The gun irretrievably wanted to impress the diabolically satanic devil; by uncouthly permeating through innocent flesh; barbarically ripping apart life forever from the chest; at the tiniest insinuation of releasing the trigger,

The birds timelessly wanted to impress the exuberantly magnificent atmosphere; by handsomely soaring through the winds of happiness; gregariously embracing the air
in the spell binding carpet of its flight,

The cow bountifully wanted to impress the empty pail; by inundating its pathetically barren periphery with gallons of rejuvenating milk; imparting it with the most sacrosanct elixir to holistically lead life,

The Moon invincibly wanted to impress the sultry blackness of the ghastly night; with its unassailably priceless beams of serene light; uniting one and all alike; in the unconquerable aura of equanimity,

The soldiers impregnably wanted to impress the beleaguered rudiments of their imprisoned motherland; by triumphantly blazing into the rainbow of victory everytime they fought; eternally freeing the soil with the sacred blood of their valiant martyrdom,

The breath incessantly wanted to impress the heavenly bifurcating nostril; by inhaling and exhaling out a countless times each day and as the faintest traces of light submerged with the gruesome night; providing the most tenacious resilience to the gloomy corpses of death,

And my heart passionately wanted to impress the beats of its immortal beloved; with the most beautifully seductive rays of sharing; caring; with the most supreme endowment from the heavens; called LOVE; LOVE AND GODLY LOVE.


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