Life—An Immortal Victory

Life is an unconquerably poignant victory of the chivalrously benign; over the horrendously manipulative and bizarrely monotonous,

Life is an irrefutably sparkling victory of profoundly magnanimous scent; over the gutters of dilapidated stagnation and abhorrent malice,

Life is an invincibly glorious victory of the impeccably uninhibited; over the lecherously besieged and traumatically cheating,

Life is an unassailably bountiful victory of the Omnisciently blazing; over the remorsefully lugubrious corpses dithering in gruesomely morbid blackness,

Life is an effusively intractable victory of the fathomlessly free; over the diminutively miserly and salaciously incarcerated,

Life is an irrevocably unflinching victory of the boundlessly gregarious; over heinously plotting and diabolically merciless crime,

Life is an unequivocally priceless victory of the selflessly benevolent; over abominably withering graveyards of lackadaisically non-existent greed,

Life is an timelessly scintillating victory of the fearlessly patriotic; over the ant-hole of
preposterously ungainly and dolorously retreating cowardice,

Life is an irretrievably blistering victory of the ubiquitously open-hearted; over the pathetically dwindling dictators of stinking politics,

Life is a spell bindingly fabulous victory of the tranquilly resplendent waterfall; over the acrimoniously sweltering and insidiously charring desert,

Life is an unfathomably inimitable victory of Omipresently enlightening truth; over the disdainfully corroding dungeons of ignominiously derogatory lies,

Life is an insurmountably compassionate victory of profoundly replenishing symbiosis; over the indiscriminately gory and baselessly biased bloodshed,

Life is an impregnably holistic victory of magnificently vivacious perseverance; over despicably sordid and worthless laziness,

Life is a timelessly unshakable victory of marvelously majestic honesty; over the horrendously squelched web of disconcertingly malicious deceit,

Life is an ingratiatingly blissful victory of congenially unending compassion; over the jail of savagely coldblooded and horrifically lambasting slavery,

Life is an unrelentingly sacrosanct victory of immutably dedicated beliefs; over the insanely fickle minded mirror of wandering doom,

Life is an overwhelmingly cherished victory of the beautifully good; over the parasitically blood-sucking and egregious evil,

Life is an Omnisciently sacred victory of harmoniously everlasting melody; over the rambunctiously discordant and ominous sounds of ill will,

Life is an unbelievably true victory of passionately mesmerizing breath; over the invidiously torturous chapters of surreptitiously ghastly death,

And life is an immortally regale victory of ebulliently ecstatic love; over the devilishly
sinister and satanic tornado’s of dismally shattering betrayal.


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