Life, Love And Humanity

Desert; Sands; and flamboyantly escalating fires; for compassionately warming up frigidly deteriorating souls; wholesomely drenched with avalanches of uncouth neglect,

Flowers; Petals; and Mesmerizing scent; for inundating the impoverished nostrils with unbelievable spurts of rhapsodically untamed fragrance,

Moon; Shimmer; and Voluptuously ravishing night; for deluging the monotonously bedraggled tycoon; with tumultuous whirlwinds of insatiable passion,

Ocean; Waves; and Seductively poignant tanginess; for paving a valley of unprecedented adventure; in deliberately withering pathetic entities,

Sky; Clouds; and tantalizingly fulminating rain; for metamorphosing ludicrously staggering soil; into a fountain of magically blooming newness,

Bees; Hives; and harmoniously gorgeous honey; for applying the balm of blissful sweetness; upon organisms entrenched with horrifically despondent prejudice,

Mountains; Gorges; and Majestically tingling silence; for the treacherously imprisoned wanderer; asphyxiating to extinction in chains of manipulative malice,

Time; Perseverance; and Astoundingly zipping speed; for the invidiously languid traveler; who wanted gold to be fed without the slightest of effort into his overwhelmingly
gaping mouth,

Artistry; Beauty; and unsurpassable enchantment; for the diabolically frustrated writer; baseless loitering without the most infinitesimal trace of fantasy in his tyrannically shattered mind,

Panacea; Antiseptic; and loads of uninhibited care; for the despicably tottering patient inflicted by wounds of heinously sardonic society,

Trees; Fruits; and robust cascades of nutrition; for the disastrously famished beggar; crumbling towards tenterhooks of a hopelessly diminutive extradition,

Shears; Blades; and piquantly unfathomable sharpness; for the rustically bearded nomad; having lost all sense of direction in the rampantly unending wilderness,

Roof; Walls; and incomprehensibly compassionate shelter; for those profusely devastated; and stifling to a pathetic exoneration in the acrid cold outside,

Heavens; Fairies; and a paradise replenished with versatile angels; for the savagely orphaned child; being kicked at every step it alighted; by the conventionally murderous society,

Lips; Kisses; and everlastingly benign smiles; for the profoundly betrayed lover; who nonchalantly galloped to his wholesome decimation; even in the perennial prime of vibrant life,

Sight; Passion; and unimaginably mystical enthrallment; for the agonizingly
deprived blind,

Truth; Nonviolence; and uninhibitedly philanthropic benevolence; for baselessly bifurcated religion; blended with indiscriminate massacre of innocent mankind,

Sharing; Understanding; and incessantly unflinching support; for the deliberately trapped immaculate criminal; becoming a victim to the lechery of stinking politics,

Swords; Armor; and invincible bravery; for the soldier whose vision was fervently diminishing; as he relentlessly fought for his irrefutably sacrosanct motherland,

Life; Love; and immortally impregnable humanity; for the entire planet despicably withering in the aisles of corruption and racial bloodshed; for the planet which with these threesome; would unequivocally transform once again into a paradise.


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