Life’s The Way You See It

For some it was a garden of bountifully mesmerizing roses; while some could only indefatigably witness the acrimoniously pugnacious thorns,

For some it was a surreally rhapsodic cloud showering perennial enchantment; while some could only relentlessly feel penalized by the shades of gruesomely
pulverizing black,

For some it was a forest of panoramically evergreen vivaciousness; while some could only fretfully rebuke the enigmatically inexplicable travails and trails,

For some it was an ocean of unsurpassably unassailable happiness; while some could only unrelentingly blame the maliciously lambasting maelstrom of pernicious waves,

For some it was an unflinching fortress of timelessly blissful solidarity; while some could only implacably feel the disparagingly deteriorating abrasions with the inevitably unstoppable unfurling of time,

For some it was a tantalizingly celestial nightingale; while some could only dogmatically the curse the inconspicuous pinches of harmlessly holistic adulteration in the air,

For some it was a meadow of eternally priceless peace; while some could only incorrigibly experience the frigid chunks of obnoxiously threadbare dirt,

For some it was a fireball of insuperably untamed passion; while some could only intractably feel outlandishly intimidated by the wisps of hideously black smoke; that disastrously obfuscated their vision,

For some it was an ebulliently fathomless book of unendingly euphoric adventure; while some could only tirelessly feel asphyxiated by the sheer and inexplicably unfurling volume,

For some it was a bountifully persevering ladder to eternal success; while some could only intransigently castigate the unfathomable array of steep stairs,

For some it was an unbelievable rainbow of heavenly versatility; while some could only ruthlessly feel the incomprehensibly endless festoon of harsh shades,

For some it was an Omnipotent Sun of invincibly righteous hope; while some could only acrimoniously feel the boundlessly austere rays left; right and spurious center,

For some it was a iridescently twinkling star of unprecedented optimism; while some could only remorsefully feel the infinitesimally uncanny flicker; inflamingly imperil their sanctimonious existence,

For some it was an immortally patriotic march towards glorious martyrdom; while some could only grievingly feel the blood soaked sacrifices in the triumphant odyssey in between,

For some it was a sacrosanct mother who proliferated survival; while some could feel the savage waves of bedlam labour pain; in between,

For some it was the most blessed icing on even the most diminutive little thing that they had achieved; while some could only relentlessly shiver to the winds of rejuvenating coolness,

O! Yes; For some it was an indomitably victorious inferno of passionately loving heartbeats; while some could only limitlessly grouse the reverberating sound; admonishing it for their present soundless footstep ,

Life’s the way you chose it to be; Life’s the way you make of it; Life’s the way you believe it to be; Life’s the way you see it, NO


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