Limca Book Of Records – India And Her People At Their Very Best.

Tribute Poetry on the Limca Book of Records India , which is India’s Best Book of Records, also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records; written in appreciation of its awe – inspiringly enthralling versatile pages.

They were pages which sparkled with the most eclectic brilliances of life- in its countless shapes and vivacious forms,

They were pages which unconquerably rose over every discrepancy of caste; creed; color and race- to showcase the inexplicable and unusual genius of the united living race,

They were pages which were the most fearlessly unbiased in content—portraying the absolute truth to the world; in all its unbelievable glory; candour and victory galore,

They were pages which escalated reading pleasure to the most unattainable of heights—bedazzling every ingredient of the atmosphere with the undying courage; grit and fortitude of all mankind,

They were pages which spun a web of unparalleled enchantment into the deepest recesses of the soul—stupefying each vein with the utmost magnificence and wonders of the world,

They were pages which when read by every commoner made him feel closer to his rudiments on mother earth—truly glorifying the spirit of majestic existence to its unsurpassable best,

They were pages which were the breathing pulse of not just a nation of a billion people—but which stirred the chords of every living heart towards the hilt of unimaginable achievement,

They were pages which truly immortalized the adage ‘Impossible is indeed a word in the dictionary of fools—for no human will to conquer the extraordinary can ever be defeated; except by the Almighty God,

They were pages wherein the bizarre most of fantasies took shape of undefeated reality—as the planet outside passionately rose to the uncanny thrill; challenges and enigma of life,

They were pages for which not the tiniest of nightfall seemed to exist—as minuscule mortals just like each one of us on earth; immortalized them with the Sun of brilliance in his/her own inimitably distinctive style,

They were pages whose unbelievable fragrance of newness pumped fresh life into every depressed and dead—charmed civilization after an infinite civilization with the most spectacularly golden moments of their time,

They were pages which encompassed even the minutest details of invention, innovation and the brilliance laden in each draught of wind—beautifully depicting each stark shade of existence at its infallible best,

They were pages which were a royal blend of amazing editorial dexterity and talent extraordinaire—which ignited even the most dormant arenas of the brain to perceive beyond the definitions of pragmatic time,

They were pages which truly proved that the whole world was your audience—whilst you were the sole magician on stage; to mesmerize, enchant and overpower the impossible in your tiny fist,

They were pages which coined miraculously new levels of human endurance and possibility—unveiling a boundless new dimensions to every sealed opportunity of life,

They were pages which were true patriots till their very last breath and beyond—not only saluting their beloved soil; but portraying its most undefeated essence to the entire world outside,

They were pages which increased your conviction to lead life multifold with each read-triggered each ingredient of your blood to do something uniquely exuberant—and do it now,

They were pages which conquered over even the most invisible trace of the devil and lies—with the most spectacularly charismatic adventures of victory—that mankind has ever witnessed,

They were pages from India’s best book of Records: ‘ The Limca Book of Records’ ranked only 2nd officially to the Guinness Book of World Records—highlighting the very best from amongst a billion Indians- year after year after year of the most unbelievably spectacular living achievement,

And not because I was a 10-time National record holder for my Poetry with the book; but my heart ranks ‘The Limca Book of Records’ the best amongst every other book on earth – as it veritably depicts my sacrosanct motherland ‘India and her beloved people at their very best’.


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