Me And My Boss

My Boss wanted me to browse scrupulously through each alphabet of the ‘Economic Times’; digest the numerical figures prevailing in the market; better than I digested my whole days food,
While infact I wanted to read the enchantment in her voluptuous eyes; drown in the silken cascade of her mesmerizing hair.

My Boss wanted me to dance to his tunes all day; sway instantaneously to the most minuscule of his commands and instructions,
While infact I wanted to dance with her in the aisles of passionate desire; blend my senses wholesomely with the wonderful scent that emanated from her persona.

My Boss wanted me to sleep on a bed of bulky checkbooks and disdainful office files; dreaming about the company’s profit and loss accounts even during my deep slumber,
While infact I wanted to lie down with her on the marshy slopes; profoundly feeling the gentle waters of the river nimbly caress my toes.

My Boss wanted me to incessantly fantasize about his corporate adversaries; trying to perceive all round the clock a flurry of ingenious ways to cunningly defeat them,
While infact I wanted to solely fantasize about her; dream about living with her on cloud nine; every unveiling second of the day.

My Boss wanted me to speak in bombastic slang and smile as soon as I encountered any of his revered customers; putting up an overwhelmingly spurious pretence under my meticulously ironed shirt,
While infact I wanted to whisper in her ears only the unending tales of my desire; embrace her for immortal moments in the formidable grip of my romance.

My Boss wanted me to sip colorless tea sitting in the matchbox shaped conference room; taking down notes as the minister spoke,
While infact I wanted to drink all the sweetness from her lips; probing my tongue wildly across every corner of her skin.

My Boss wanted me to paint every barren space I saw; with slogans haughtily advertising about his company,
While infact I wanted to paint her entire body with the color of my love; emboss on every part of her flesh the tenacity of my intricate feelings.

My Boss wanted me to count daily the balance lurking in the reserve lockers; shrewdly negotiate every iota; seeing to it that nobody got even a penny more than what they deserved,
While infact I wanted to count all the hair trapped within her eyelashes; sight my reflection in her palms sparkling with robust health.

My Boss wanted me to boast pretentiously about his greatness in front of his wife; admire his obnoxiously filthy demeanor in front of every girl that trespassed across his shadow,
While infact I wanted to boast only about her; write volumes and volumes of literature describing each of her spell binding parts.

And my Boss wanted me to eat, breathe, and sleep Business; refraining me to wander or even think beyond monotonous realms of his pathetic office,
While infact I wanted to eat, breathe, sleep only her name; keep her imprisoned in my heart; not only for this birth; but for infinite more births to come.


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