The candlewax castle melted like a pack of soft cards; under blistering rays of flamboyantly fiery sunshine,

The panther melted at its mouth; when it sighted a robust fleet of deer galloping rampantly through the wilderness,

The desert sands inevitably melted in scorching summer; at the sight of the celestially rejuvenating pool of shimmering mirage,

The clouds in the cosmos melted thunderously; as they hovered over a blanket of profusely green trees and mystical shrub,

The dog’s tongue melted insatiably; as it cast its greedy eyes upon the juicy chunk of bone poking alluringly from its masters pocket,

The beggar melted in mind; body and soul; as he perceived a dungeon inundated with opulently glittering gold in his nocturnal dreams,

The lips melted in unsustainable passion; as they saw the person of their most stupendous conceptions; right before their rubicund periphery,

The giant melted in wholesome entirety; as it witnessed the colossal kingdom of fleshy molecules wandering helplessly without an iota of caution or sagacious calm,

The mirror melted in a million pieces; as it confronted the ghastly skeleton of a man; who once upon a time used to admire himself in the same,

The snow melted on the boundless hills; as fireballs of pugnacious light caressed it vindictively; from every conceivable side,

The voice melted into a trickle of its original self; as an atmosphere of satanic terror; abruptly snapped the melody of its heart,

The conglomerate of gigantic leaves melted to bits of inconspicuous raw ash; as flames of pugnaciously golden fire escalated high and handsome towards the sky,

The thunderously deafening echo melted into gruesome nothingness; as it clashed umpteenth number of times against the chain of cold blooded rocks,

The blatantly audacious footsteps melted into infinitesimally remote space; as they were besieged by the blood curling sound of menacing death,

The slabs of brilliantly sparkling yellow butter melted into a curry of slim grease; when brutally spread with a gleaming knife on the periphery of supremely handsome and sizzling toast,

The pair of vivaciously emphatic eyes melted into diminutively shrunk plastic; as they sighted the lifeless body of the person they vehemently adored and loved,

The boisterous chirping of sporty birds melted submissively; as the last beam of brightness disappeared brusquely behind the cocoon of scarlet sky,

The life of a tangible individual melted in wholesome entirety; as and when the Creator waved his hand and wanted,

And my heart melted into an island of tumultuously tantalizing paradise; at the tiniest whisper of my beloved; the most faintest cry of her enchantingly everlasting romance.


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