My Wife

A little piquant; tangily bouncing in the aisles of untamed yearning; and a little sweet; profusely deluging the morbidly sullen atmosphere with the ingratiatingly captivating melody in her voice,

A little ecstatic; uninhibitedly philandering amidst the stars of tantalizing fantasy; and a little romantic; compassionately embracing all those disastrously bereaved that; confronted her in her majestic way,

A little vivacious; indefatigably expending her ebullient energy of goodness to the world around; and a little spell binding; incarcerating even the most alien of personality in her mystically divine swirl,

A little doughty; formidably facing the unsurpassable armory of impediments that hindered her in her royal stride; and a little dainty; exotically tingling frigid globules of soil; with her insurmountably titillating caress,

Was my invincibly mesmerizing wife; who not only bestowed upon me a countless births to survive; even in this impoverished singleton birth of mine; but was
infact the sole air that I breathed in life; the very reason that I was blissfully alive.

A little shy; magnificently curling her seductive eyelashes under twinkling rays of the pearly Moon; and a little loquacious; cataclysmically divulging her soul out; when she felt the insatiable desire to express herself,

A little crimson; blushing like the blooming lilies when I first sighted her; and a little pink; snoozing and relentlessly fantasizing above the corridors of paradise; when in nostalgically deep sleep,

A little enigmatic; inscrutably wandering through a web of magical enchantment; and a little pragmatic; manipulating her daily routine to survive in this stringently conventional society; with astounding agility,

A little flirtatious; gallivanting in gay abandon behind the hills just as the Sun wholesomely blended with the horizons; and a little sonorous; admonishing unruly urchins for tainting her kitchen floor; in her fervently deep throated voice,

Was my immortally everlasting wife; who was not only my perpetual inspiration to benevolently bond in threads of sacrosanct humanity; but was infact the sole air that I breathed in life; the very reason that I was blissfully alive.

A little dreamer; perennially lost in clouds of euphorically unending fantasy; and a little artistic; fabulously enshrouding barren bits of canvas; with the stupendously radiant artistry in her philanthropic palms,

A little patriotic; unequivocally surging forward to mitigate her motherland from the clutches of diabolically evil; and a little surreal; leaping like a fleet footed fairy; to enlighten gloom all around her; with the rays of Omnipotent mankind,

A little saintly; possessing incomprehensibly magical powers to heal the most bizarre of wounds with the ointment of her impregnable caring; and a little innocent; incessantly reminiscing those exuberant moments of fresh birth; when she was just born,

A little ubiquitous; tirelessly functioning as a benign messiah of all deprived humanity; and a little tantalizing; igniting my every frigidly devastating night with; unrelenting fireballs of tumultuous passion,

Was my unassailably heavenly wife; who not only; magnanimously fulfilled every benevolent desire of my heart; with the melody in her stride; but was infact the sole air that I breathed in life; the very reason that I was blissfully alive.

A little surreptitious; concealing the inexplicable miseries that she was uncouthly subjected to; entirely to herself; and a little volatile; fulminating into an boundless kaleidoscope of resplendently gregarious color; as the Sun gloriously crept up in the sky,

A little flamboyant; blazing a path of irrevocably scintillating triumph on every humanitarian mission she embarked; and a little timid; succumbing to every
innocuous longing that vociferously diffused from my mouth,

A little blissful; marvelously pacifying even the most barbarically frazzled nerves with the river of her fascinating entertainment; and a little ardent; passionately coalescing with every beat of my ferociously palpitating heart; till times immemorial,

A little sporadic; intermittently bursting into spurts of divinely philosophies to holistically survive in the conquest of life; and a little motherly; soothing my unfathomable battalion of anguished tensions; with the aura of her Omnisciently celestial senses,

Was my victorious wife; who not only showered me with eternally transpiring and contenting happiness; but was infact the sole air that I breathed
in life; the very reason that I was blissfully alive.


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