Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention .

Ordinarily the boy would have lazed all day on the grassy slopes; emanating huge yawns every other unfurling minute,
But today he ran faster than the most supreme athlete; as the spotted panther was chasing him; ready to rip him apart from the last bone down his spine.

Ordinarily the youngster would have played cards all day; merrily frolicking about teasing girls strolling on the road,
But today he perspired unrelentingly under the Sun; worked like a bull to appease his employer and earn money; as his father was no longer alive to feed him; ensure that he fantasized and slept to his hearts content.

Ordinarily the King would have purchased all that he wanted on this earth; with the unprecedented power of his flamboyant jewels and wealth,
But today he prayed diligently in front of the deity to bless him with a child; a virtue that the entire treasury of his opulence had miserably failed to purchase.

Ordinarily the varied conglomerate of human beings intractably refrained from talking to each other; were supremely nonchalant of even knowing the name of
who lived beside them,
But today they slept together under the open sky; conversed amicably with each other irrespective of their inherent hatred; as the devastating earthquake struck the
entire city at midnight.

Ordinarily the manipulative minister would have ruined the whole nation; replenishing his personal resources with innocent people’s money; demonstrating his theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’; without even knowing the tiny alphabets that constituted life,
But today he ruled the country with overwhelming harmony and justice; as his life was under threat from God’s messiah who had descended from the sky; and if
the reins slipped while governing the province; the reins of his life would slip forever in just fractions of seconds.

Ordinarily every fisherman would have sat on the shores masticating red meat and wine; as their warehouses were inundated and overflowing with surplus grain and honey,
But today he ventured out into the heart of swirling ocean; audaciously leapt in the midst of the tumultuous storm; laid his net confronting freezing cold and a battalion of shark; as his village and kin were starving; inevitably reeling under the aftermath of vicious drought.

Ordinarily the housewife would have thrown the pack of nondescript candles with utter contempt as it occupied unnecessary space in her kitchen; replacing it with an
array of shimmering silver chains and robust cherries,
But today she incessantly prayed to God for the same; wildly groped through the interiors of the dwelling for that inconspicuous and condensed bundle of wax; as
the vast town was abruptly engulfed with perpetual darkness; the stringent beams of brilliant electricity that were once the pride of her house had snapped off without prior notice.

Ordinarily the diminutive chick would never have learnt to fly; feeling invincibly secure under the compassionate warmth of her mothers belly,
But today it soared up high and handsome in the air; kissing the cocoon of clouds as it whistled by; as its mother hadn’t returned till late evening; and the pang of hunger in its stomach was in righteous synchronization with the chapter of existence .

Ordinarily I would have dismissed the idea of going 9 to 9 in the office with sheer contempt and malicious abuse; drowned in the aisles of poetic fantasy and tantalizing desire; penning down versatile line of poetry sitting as a recluse in the corridors of my
cozy home,
But today I found myself smiling pretentiously in front of my employer; obeying even the most infinitesimal of his command; with my head sunk under a mountain of bulky paper and chequebook; as the kicks of the sardonic society and the paucity of funds through the words I evolved; had driven me out of my rosy dreamland to bear the brunt of monotonous Business.

And ordinarily Man wouldn’t have done anything on this earth; would have grown older just staring at the moon; if God had given him everything on a platter; satisfied his every need the instant he uttered them as a faint whisper,
But today he was seen running in all quarters of the globe; sweating and toiling under the acerbic rays of the Sun; onerously studying under the horrendously dim light of the night bulb; conquering astronomical peaks with the ingenious thoughts circulating in his brain; as his necessity to exist was his mother of invention ; infact the only thing that could have metamorphosed him from a sleeping saint into one who
chatted victoriously .


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