Non Violence

Non violence is not about being lambasted like raw mince meat; for apparently no fault of yours,
It is infact a seed of love that proliferates ubiquitously around the globe; your voice against tyrannized injustice and uncouth radicalism.

Non violence is not just staring at sky like dumb sheep; while the lecherously manipulative around incessantly whipped your bare chest,
It is infact the most magnificent self defense mechanism of your body; which gives you the astronomical conviction to confront the mightiest of acrimonious attack.

Non violence is not just retreating into your cocoon of overwhelming shyness; as the world outside brutally transgressed upon your back,
It is infact a bird soaring high and handsome in the aisles of uninhibited freedom; your sacred messages to the society propagating immortal love and peace.

Non violence is not about rotting in dungeons of obsolete oblivion; while the hideously devilish danced in venomous wine outside,
It is infact about fearlessly bonding the benevolent alike; preparing every tangible organism of God’s mesmerizing creation to; disseminate the wave of brotherhood in all quarters of the planet.

Non violence is not running like a whipped slave; to even the most inconspicuous command of those misusing the centerstage of power,
It is infact a candidly philanthropic answer to all diabolical; scrapping the gory pedestal of satanic savagery from its roots; with the insurmountable resilience of your righteous conscience.

Non violence is not shivering in inexplicable weakness; as the invidiously dictatorial guffawed after murdering people outside,
It is infact the candle of irrefutably Omnipotent light; enlightening impoverished masses towards a bountiful beginning; a wonderfully optimistic tomorrow.

Non violence is not nodding your head to each act of torturous malice; licking the dust left by cold-blooded demons sucking blood,
It is infact a flower diffusing its scent of unequivocal freedom to far and wide across earth; ensuring that its rays of perpetual unity; invincibly escalated above all boundaries defined and undefined.

Non violence is not being maimed at every step you alighted; while stinking butchers of civilization used your shoulder to talk with the skies,
It is infact the perennial ladder to benign success; your most innermost voice of expression which granted you the fortitude to lead an infinite more lives;
even after you died.

And Non violence is not surrendering your heart; body and soul; at the most diminutive command of the parasitic traitors who wanted to ruthlessly devastate
celestial mankind,
It is infact an arrow of immortal victory; which pierces through every shadow of evil lingering on this fathomless Universe; yet spawning and giving fresh birth to an everlasting human race; a harmonious livingkind.

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