Not A Penny More; Not A Penny Less.

Not an insouciant penny more via sleazily decrepit manipulation; and not even a priceless penny less; because of the most brutally slandering demons; heartlessly maiming every ounce of my inimitable innocence,

Not a worthless penny more via baselessly bawdy lies; and not even a redolent penny less; because of the most chauvinistically marauding demons; vindictively plundering my virginity till beyond the realms of infinite infinity,

Not a lackadaisical penny more via treacherously demeaning politics; and not even an insuperable penny less; because of the most tyrannically flagrant demons; mercilessly numbing each of my senses till beyond the most bizarre realms of imagination,

Not an impoverished penny more via salaciously murderous corruption; and not even a scintillating penny less; because of the most truculently emotionless demons; crucifying me to the coffins of hell; in my robustly bountiful prime,

Not an ethereal penny more via ominously senseless pretension; and not even an invincible penny less; because of the most preposterously fetid demons; indefatigably drowning me to the rock bottom of morbid nothingness; just in order to retain their spurious stranglehold of mother earth,

Not a sanctimonious penny more via abhorrently impeaching prejudice; and not even a glowing penny less; because of the most hideously imbecile demons; unrelentingly perpetuating their cadaverously non-existent spirits; into my impeccable soul,

Not an invisible penny more via deplorably hedonistic crime; and not even a wondrous penny less; because of the most venomously unsparing demons; incessantly sucking the last droplet of blood from my veins; to nonsensically try and reign supreme for times immemorial,

Not a fugitive penny more via uncontrollably ghastly war; and not even a jubilant penny less; because of the most egocentrically wanton demons; inexorably wasting every single moment of my eclectic existence,

Not an oblivious penny more via sacrilegiously bemoaning parasitism; and not even a victorious penny less; because of the most ignominiously sinful demons; trampling every iota of my divinely virginity; under their claws of unforgiving remorse,

Not an evanescent penny more via cannibalistically greedy deliriousness; and not even an effulgent penny less; because of the most worthlessly roaring demons; intransigently chasing me; till both my feet sank a countless feet beneath dead soil,

Not a penurious penny more via horrifically inconsolable orphaning; and not even a handsome penny less; because of the most tempestuously fickle-minded demons; barbarously strangulating every sound of mellifluous truth in my throat,

Not a lackluster penny more via indescribably licentious prostitution; and not even a majestic penny less; because of the most garrulously wailing demons; indiscriminately vying for the top compartments of my scalp; ever unfurling instant of my destined life,

Not a subjugated penny more via derogatorily desecrating nakedness; and not even a poignant penny less; because of the most rambunctiously disoriented demons; maiming my hands and feet; to make me beg on the sordidly discordant streets,

Not an indifferent penny more via intolerably assassinating racism; and not even a compassionate penny less; because of the most maniacally lambasting demons; horrendously crippling every insinuation of enchanting fantasy; even before it could have arisen in my brain,

Not a disappearing penny more via incomprehensibly despicable force; and not even a effervescent penny less; because of the most relentlessly sinister demons; ruthlessly disassociating every tangible part of my skull; from my blissfully blessed shoulders,

Not an absconding penny more via forlornly valueless magic; and not even an incredulous penny less; because of the most wretchedly cursed demons; embodying their melancholically jinxed name upon my naked chest; forever and ever and ever,

Not a deteriorating penny more via dingily shriveled nightmares; and not even an artistic penny less; because of the most torturously unsparing demons; keeping me unstoppably trembling; at the cold-bloodedly gleaming gunpoint,

Not a dilettante penny more via lecherously pulverizing death; and not even an undefeated penny less; because of the most shamelessly trouncing demons; murderously excoriating through the fabric of my harmonious lungs; with their jaws of profusely blood-soaked malice,

O! Yes; as all what I’d ever wanted or desired; was only what I truly deserved; was what I was truly destined for on this fathomless earth; was what I truly earned in my path towards unassailably spell-binding truth; was what I could truly and perennially proclaim as my bit of space on this planet divine; was what I truly and unconquerably defined as my share of happiness in the chapters of ever-pervading life; not a penny more than that; not a penny less than that; O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord.


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