Nothing In This World

Nothing in this world can substitute the Sun; its fiery rays wholesomely
sizzling cloistered portions of Earth,
Man tried hard to invent electricity; but languid beams of the bulb miserably failed to make an impact in front of the celestial body.

Nothing in this world can substitute the river; its mesmerizing flow between the pathway of cobbled stones,
Man tried hard to bathe in luke warm pond of distilled water; but it pathetically floundered to provide him the rejuvenation he badly needed; the tingling sensations he desired to entrench him entirety.

Nothing in this world can substitute the bird; its vivacious flight in an ambience of silken complexioned clouds,
Man tried hard to evolve the aircraft; but its discordantly whirring noise; the overwhelming commotion it produced while cruising through air; was simply unable to match the flight of the feathered monster.

Nothing in this world can substitute the rose; its ravishing redolence that stimulated infinite scores of nostrils trespassing in vicinity,
Man tried hard to blend exotic perfumes; bottle the concentrates in Swanky bottles for display; but their essence gruesomely failed to make an impression; and their odor subsided with an intensity faster than it had arisen.

Nothing in this world can substitute the mountains; the stupendously panoramic
view of the cascading waterfalls and steep gorges,
Man tried hard to construct palatial resorts; embellishing the same with a host of contemporary amenities; but the garish concrete appeared as a speck of inconspicuous dust in the backdrop of the mystical valley.

Nothing in this world can substitute snow; the immaculate globules of white crystals embedded splendidly on the jagged rocks,
Man tried hard to form ice in meticulous trays; but the monotonously molded cubes; looked utterly disparaging when compared with the undulating bedsheets of frozen water sprawled in tandem on the hills.

Nothing in this world can substitute the Neem tree; its herbal branches dangling holistically; its myriad of corrugated sticks used for scrupulously cleaning teeth,
Man tried hard to use the toothbrush; but its insipid bristles dithered from evacuating dirt; displayed abashing signs of collapse after being used just for a few number
of times.

Nothing in this world can substitute the pearl; its immortal ramifications that besiege the atmosphere after popping out from the slimy oyster,
Man tried hard to chisel intricate jewelry; polish it tenaciously till it sparkled; but its glow perished gradually with the fading of time; and the lackadaisical ornament refrained to incarcerate attention a month after wearing.

Nothing in this world can substitute truth; the omnipotent power in its voice; the everlasting spirit it succeeds in portraying,
Man tried hard to speak lies; dexterously hide his fallacies by leaning towards malice; but in the end he was completely devoured in the radiance of righteousness; the perennial brilliance of truth.

And nothing in this world can substitute love; the fervor generated by its mere caress; the unfathomable pleasure of being imprisoned by the same,
Man tried hard to but it superfluously with fat wads of currency; baselessly threw exorbitant opulence to experience the same; but in the end realized that a single passionate beat of his heart was enough to evoke; what his entire treasury of wealth had failed to purchase.


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