Object Of Desire

Thick sheets of raw cardboard paper,
sewn from dried pulp mixture,
processed and woven in looming mill machine,
a commodity manufactured at threadbare costs,
desert brown in color, and rough in texture,
cut to various shapes of
square, rectangle, triangle, penta and cone,
with steel cutters piercing its hard flesh,
particles of golden sawdust floating in air,
transforming barbaric paper to trimmed angel,
rendering it feasible for further treatment,
the prime of which is an overlapping fold,
followed by rich wax paint,
printing designs befitting all occasions,
like marriage, love, laughter and examination,
with finely calligraphed captivating quotes,
accentuating magical conversion of raw paper, into royal greeting card,
a carrier of fluctuating emotions,
a cheaply procurable object of desire


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