One Sided

I loved the Himalayas for their snow clad peaks; the thin wisps of clouds marking the silver linings of the horizon,
However I hated the freezing currents of air descending down its slopes; the gusty avalanches of ice killing millions while trying to conquer it.

I loved the pen for inundating white paper with infinite lines of literature; granting a status to words which was greater than swords,
However I hated it when it penned down the death sentence; assisted the judge in making his final decision.

I loved the clouds for showering blissful droplets of rain; instilling new life in dead weeds and parched soil,
However I hated them for deluging low lying regions near the coast; sweeping several innocent in the fury of its waves.

I loved the handkerchief for its satiny caress; the delectable pillow it formed for me to sleep in the night,
However I hated it when the insane murderer, used it as a tool to strangulate the last iota of breath.

I loved the winding road to the palace; the festoon of lights shimmering, metamorphosing it into a marvel to stare at dusk,
However I hated it when it was slippery; fomented the cars to swerve wildly and collide thunderously with each other.

I loved the dainty wrist watch for displaying time all day; apprising me diligently of the sun setting behind the sea’s,
However I hated it when it candidly announced; the seconds left until my death.

I loved the tree for its lanky stalks and sprawling branches; the clusters of ravishing fruit it bore on its leaves,
However I hated it when it fell with a thud; squelching innocuous children that came under its mighty sway.

I loved the fire for its crackling flames; the loads of compassionate warmth it generated well past after midnight,
However I hated it when it capsized my beloved in its swirl; charred her body to inconspicuous ash within a matter of few minutes.

I loved eating fish entangled in a conglomerate of seaweed; roasting it to perpetual golden brown; before dipping in piquant curry,
However I hated it when one of its intricate bones stuck incorrigibly in my throat; making me greedily gasp for life.

And I loved to desire; drown myself into the ocean of love; sizzle profoundly in the corridors of romance,
However I hated it when my passion was one sided; and the person whom I could die for couldn’t even recognize my body when I was alive.


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