Only For Your Immortal Beats

My hands lived only for your philanthropic destiny lines; the magnanimous essence of humanity which they encapsulated in their enigmatic myriad of terminations,

My eyes lived only for your astoundingly charismatic form; the Omnipotent aura it marvelously radiated; even in the most gloomiest of dwindling light,

My skin lived only for your majestically royal caress; the unprecedented tremors of unbelievable excitement it ignited; the instant it sensuously stroked my impoverished flesh,

My lips lived only for your stupendously rhapsodic melody; the torrential globules of voluptuous passion; which cascaded down like an angel from your nape,

My blood lived only for your grandiloquently everlasting smiles; the insatiable compassion that enveloped your silhouette; as you alighted your each benign step,

My cheeks lived only for your mystically ravishing shyness; the astoundingly bountiful empathy; which profusely disseminated from your impeccable soul,

My tongue lived only for your incredulously benevolent disposition; the uninhibited fountain of freedom which gushed from your supreme visage; rendering it
obediently wagging for more,

My brain lived only for your fabulously unfathomable reams; the land of stupendous titillation on which you tread every instant; the perpetual fantasies that you harbored to alleviate all suffering from dithering mankind,

My conscience lived only for your irrefutably divine righteousness; the immaculate ideals entrenching each iota of your persona; annihilating every bit of heinously lecherous dirt; from the complexion of this gigantic planet,

My voice lived only for your unprecedentedly tantalizing shadow; bewildering me like a new born infant; everytime it appeared and then vanished into realms of never ending enchantment,

My bones lived only for your supremely heavenly gait; the impregnable conviction with which; you maneuvered tottering mankind towards thunderbolts of unitedly
bright light,

My ears lived only for your celestially exuberant sound; putting an end to the most inconspicuous of misery with its everlasting cadence; the untamed ardor in
its romantically enthralling swirl,
My nerves lived only for your ecstatically twinkling feet; the unflinching fervor with which they marched forward; making countless a slave of their unending mission to transpire the religion of humanity,

My fingers lived only for your magnificently fulminating art; exploring every inch of its incomprehensible richness; getting perennially entangled in the ocean of
its inimitably Oriental charm,

My neck lived only for your fantastically alluring belly; dexterously manipulating boundless turns a minute; in order to trace its most diminutively seductive movement,

My eyebrows lived only for your unbelievable festoon of countless forms; at times a baby clinging to the lap of your mother; while at times towering above all the diabolical; to metamorphose uncouth bloodshed into a blissful paradise,

My soul lived only for your unconquerable spirit; instilling the most astronomically emphatic elements of vivacious life; in organisms even infinite kilometers beneath their graves,

My nostrils lived only for your passionately turbulent breath; the resplendence of Omnipresent humanity that it wholeheartedly diffused; to the most farthest corner
of this shivering Universe,

And my heart lived only for your immortal beats; the mesmerizing rhythm with which they flowed while existing higher than the clouds; and affording the same to their fellow compatriots aimlessly wandering around.


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