Only In My Memories.

She was a girl; who wouldn’t ever dream of exploiting all those weaknesses of mine; that she’d inevitably come to know after clinging close to my compassionate chest all these years,

She was a girl; who knew exactly what to speak to me at the right moment; never even once thwarting my senses with inexplicably stabbing taunts and comments,

She was a girl; who wiped each of my tears with her everlasting kisses; standing unflinchingly beside me; in my times of disaster and duress; never making me feel that men hadn’t the right to cry,

She was a girl; who adroitly knew how to mollify my ravenous palette; cooking every known delicacy under the Sun; to eventually share the same with me; befriending me forever in her silken lap,

She was a girl; who never even once criticized me for my bizarrely dwindling finances; stood abreast me like the rock of Gibraltar; when the entire world outside had pounced upon me like an insipid mouse,

She was a girl; who listened patiently for hours immemorial to even the most oblivious whisper of my heart; inexhaustibly appreciating me for what I originally was; and not for what the world had made of me in my moments of strife,

She was a girl; who idolized my feeling of self respect; never reaching out to even the closest of our kin for help; even though we continued to survive on fragments of rotten measly bread and in the gutter pipe,

She was a girl; who left all riches; relatives and everything else on this fathomless Universe; wanting nothing but to only bond with each beat of my fervently wailing heart,

She was a girl; who never minded my idiosyncratic shunting of the society and my preposterously eccentric lifestyle; truly commiserating as to what it was like being a fulltime artist and evolving fresh poetic rhyme,

She was a girl; who wholeheartedly joined me in my mission of reaching out to every fraternity of living kind; donating even the last ounce of our blood to the betterment of all those breathing under the sky,

She was a girl; who wasn’t afraid in voicing her opinion if I was unwittingly drifting towards malice; enlightening every subjugated aspect of my existence; with the triumphantly optimistic cadence of her voice,
She was a girl; who ardently worshipped me as I did to her; immediately after our prayers first to the Omnipotent Almighty Lord; and to our respective parents who bestowed us with the first scream of life,

She was a girl; who would never dream of telling me a lie; never betray me even though I was severely maimed and blind; even as the closest of my blood relation left me for exploring more exciting new vistas of life,

She was a girl; who could amazingly comprehend the tiniest of my desires; by glimpsing just for a fraction of a second; into the twinkling whites of my roving eye,

She was a girl; who instead of ridiculing me everytime I floundered in life; gave me the invincible Herculean temerity; the inspiration to forever massacre the devil with the undying flame of truth in my soul,

She was a girl; who never retaliated even once at the angriest of my outburst; understanding my sporadic frustration; and covering my lips with a billion kisses to metamorphose my fierceness into a cloud of symbiotic love,

She was a girl; who gracefully acknowledged my deep and insuperable love for my mother; perfectly knowing that her place was always reigning supreme in each of my immortally volatile heartbeats,

She was a girl; who inseparably bonded each breath of hers with mine; whilst it was victoriously living; and even when it started to uncannily stutter to enter into the graveyards of death,

She was a girl; who shared my passion of giving birth to as many offsprings as we could; contributing our very best in the newness and ecstatically uninhibited proliferation of the gigantic Universe,

She was a girl; who couldn’t exist even a minute without my heartbeat close to hers; who most certainly died alive even if I unknowinglydrifted my mischievous stare towards another of her kind,

She was a girl; who could recognize me wholesomely blindfolded; amongst zillions of other men strolling silently around; just by my fleeting stride; just by the aroma of the most diminutive droplet of sweat on my arms,

Unfortunately she was a girl; and would always remain a girl who existed only in my memories-as my ideal life-partner; in today’s sacrilegiously robotic and commercially discriminating world outside.


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