Only One Door

When the waves of depression uncontrollably transcended above conceivable limits; not being placated by even the most rhapsodically tantalizing cloud of ebullient happiness,
When the dungeons of misery gruesomely exacerbated to limits beyond bizarre recognition; with the most impeccable harbingers of humanity dithering to make
the slightest of; philanthropic indentation,
When the prisons of diabolical insanity vindictively proliferated all the time; and the most melodiously enchanting sagaciousness pathetically staggered to cause even an; inconspicuously infinitesimal difference,
When all routes leading to blissful prosperity had perpetually closed; being tyrannically whipped by whirlwinds of devilishly horrendous discontent,
There was only one door in the entire Universe; which still had perennially unassailable light; there was only one door which still harbored one and all
irrespective of caste; creed and spurious religion alike; O! yes it was indeed a door; which irrefutably led to the Omnisciently sacred feet of Almighty Lord.


When disastrous ugliness had taken an incorrigibly rebellious stranglehold over the entire planet; and the most exotically fragrant of bountiful beauty; wholesomely stumbling to perpetuate in; even a minuscule fraction,
When tears of immaculately innocent flowed like unfathomable oceans of anguish; and even the most formidably prudent panaceas despicably failing to comfort them even an inconspicuous iota,
When pugnacious thunderbolts of ominous fire rained ferociously from fathomless carpets of sky; and even the most heavenly winds of compassion ghastily dithering to quell them; even a remotely obsolete dimension,
When gutters of crime and stench had embedded their roots horrifically into sagacious soil; and even the most Herculean of stalwarts; being blown apart to
ludicrous dust by the most insipid of their voices,
There was only one door in this Universe; which immortally glimmered with vibrant hope and humanity; there was only door that majestically treated even the
most devastatedly maimed as the ultimate crown prince; O! yes it was indeed a door; which irrefutably led to the invincibly Omnipotent aura of the Almighty Lord.


When the orphanages of poverty massacred countless innocuous in their satanically demonic swirl; and even the most astoundingly fresh chapters of evolution;
nonchalantly succumbing in their benign mission,
When every holistic dwelling on this planet gorily collapsed under the treacherous might of murderous manipulation; and even the most benevolent wings of peace; being shattered to disdainfully rotting dust,
When rivers acrimoniously flowed with waters of pricelessly wailing blood; and even the most salubriously eternal fruits of creation; lugubriously drying in their footsteps of alleviating perpetual mankind,
When thunderbolts of indiscriminate terror pelted unsparingly upon all those blissfully humanitarian; and the fortress of united solidarity reverberated
like an infant; under the onslaught of the cold blooded devil,
There was only one door in this Universe; which unrelentingly radiated with the charisma of celestially panoramic existence; there was only one door which uninhibitedly sequestered you in its compassionately poignant swirl; O! yes it was indeed a door; which irrefutably led to the impregnably ever pervading paradise of the Omnipresently Almighty Lord.


When boundless impeccable living were uncouthly lambasted for ostensibly no fault of theirs; and even the most scintillatingly articulate pathways of glorious success; now retracting like a mouse into its incarcerated shell,
When a savagely insidious carpet of darkness lecherously besieged the sparkling eyes; and even the most enlightening beams of profound optimism; despairingly faltering in their progress to trigger hope once again,
When the innermost dormitories of the soul and conscience harbored nothing but a dustbin of blatant lies; and even the most patriotic swords of truth; incessantly failing to chop acerbic badness from its very roots,
When derogatory traps of barbarically snared their fangs on every step that the innocent tread; and even the most mightiest powerhouses of fortitude; disgustingly deviating in their way to assist penalized humanity,
There was only one door in this Universe; which unflinchingly supported the cause of divine righteousness; there was only door which infinite organisms knocked even in the middle of the whipping midnight; O! yes it was indeed a door; that irrefutably led to the marvelously forgiving chamber of the unconquerable Almighty Lord.


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