Only Those – Part 2

Only those who are perpetually blind; having their lives camouflaged in gruesome darkness,
Can wholesomely realize the value of having pellucid eyes; the gift of
mesmerizing sight.

Only those who are maimed; having their feet encapsulated in stirrups of solid steel,
Can perceive the beauty of strong legs; the ensemble of delectably tiny toes treading on fresh chunks of earth.

Only those who are stone deaf; being oblivious to presence of the minutest of noise,
Can cognize the importance of drifting voices; the blissful frequency of melodious sound.

Only those who are dumb; finding it virtually impossible to give substance to words,
Can conceive the crispness of conversation; the splendor of clear speech.

Only those who are embodied with disdainful boils; tyrannizing disease rendering them as hapless lepers,
Can envisage the grandeur of immaculate skin; the resplendent complexion sparkling profoundly under the sun.

Only those shivering in bizarre cold on the snow clad slopes; infinite strands of hair projecting in tandem on their skins,
Can comprehend the heat generated by crackling fires; the warmth imparted in the interiors of dwellings.

Only those who are bald; without the most minuscule trace of follicles on their barren scalps,
Can appreciate thick curls of entwined hair; the way they sometimes cascaded down in languid harmony.

Only those who are orphaned; being brutally kicked by the uncouth society at all quarters,
Can apprehend the compassion emanating from the mother’s lap; her unblemished palms putting the exhausted soul to immortal sleep.

Only those who are in intense affliction; being circumvented with inexplicable misery and pain,
Can grasp the meaning of existing in conjunction with nature; the invincibly appearing smile.

And only those who are deprived of sharing; left unattended without the slightest essence of care,
Can overwhelmingly blend with the spirit of true love; understand in entirety what it takes to fulfill it; lead life perennially with the same.


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