Our Love Was That Spirit

Our love was that summit of the astronomically impregnable mountain; which immortally kissed the island of Sun,

Our love was that cloud in the fathomlessly vivacious cosmos; which immortally showered thunderbolts of seductively compassionate rain,

Our love was that flower protruding from majestic soil; which immortally blossomed into a countless petals of enigma; diffusing its scent to the most remotest cranny of this boundlessly mesmerizing Universe,

Our love was that royal scalp; which immortally kept blooming into perennial youth and ravishing majesty,

Our love was that ocean frolicking on mundane land; which immortally undulated into a cloudburst of everlasting fantasy and desire; disseminating the froth of humanity to every quarter of this planet besieged with venomous malice,

Our love was that branch of the gregarious tree; which immortally flowered into countless more; standing unflinchingly like an invincible fortress in the mightiest of rain and storm,

Our love was that harmoniously captivating song; which immortally escalated beyond the skies; even as the hideously blood sucking civilization came to a veritable end,

Our love was that vibrantly pulsating dance; which immortally cast its spell upon one and all; alike,

Our love was that marvelous souvenir of art; which immortally portrayed truth; benevolence; humanity; in the most unfathomable of its stupendously grandiloquent forms,

Our love was that writing on the unconquerable walls; which immortally showed way to the path of unflinching righteousness; even in the most heinously perilous dark,

Our love was that wind of exuberant compassion; which immortally kept augmenting irrespective of any season that unleashed; any diabolical catastrophe; that dared tried come and stop it in its way,

Our love was that ray of optimistically Omnipotent light; which immortally filtered a valley of sacrosanct newness; scrapping the very essence of abominable violence from its very roots,

Our love was that jewel in the embellished king’s crown; which immortally glistened in the corridors of bountiful enthrallment and irrefutable solidarity,

Our love was that dimension of uninhibited sharing; which immortally expanded even as sinister hell pelted on soil; embracing all irrespective of caste; creed; color; in the religion of humanity; alike,

Our love was that destiny line of the intricate palm; which immortally prospered into a garden of inevitably fabulous attraction; enveloping every iota of the devastated atmosphere with magnetic happiness,

Our love was that door of success; which immortally unveiled into a festoon of sacredly Omniscient learning; indefatigably exploring the endlessly glorious shapes of ecstatic life,

Our love was that principle of triumph; which immortally enlightened more ferociously than the flaming Sun; charring even the most infinitesimal bit of betrayal; with the swords of undeterred unity,

Our love was that rainbow of overwhelmingly insatiable vivacity; which immortally bloomed in the aisles of emollient belonging; even after rain and blistering shine; had wholesomely disappeared from the sky,

And our love was that spirit of unshakeable passion; which immortally took birth as a single breath; as a single divinely heart; every time the Creator bestowed upon it a chance; to be born and blissfully spawn; once again.


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