Our Relationship.

Our relationship was extraordinarily distinguished into an infinite infallible layers:

At times that of an obedient disciple and symbiotically sermonizing teacher; whilst blissfully imbibing the chapters of resplendently victorious life,

At times that of an impetuously screaming brother and wildly scratching sister; whilst squabbling over the most infinitesimally unwonted things; existing on the trajectory of earth divine,

At times that of brutally parched soil and lackadaisically dying grass blades; whilst thirstily suckling even the most inconspicuous globule of priceless rain water; that unabashedly tumbled from fathomless sky,

At times that of a ferociously chasing lion and nimbly scampering deer; whilst frenetically searching for those quintessential morsels of life-bestowing
food; in the day,

At times that of sacredly ameliorating soul and righteously palpitating conscience; whilst unconquerably assimilating the principles of the most royally undefeated truth,

At times that of a desperately groping man and adroitly sharp pickaxe; whilst exhaustibly digging for those indispensably luminescent coins of
glittering gold,

At times that of an inscrutably dancing pen and impeccably triumphant paper; whilst fervently penning down eternally burgeoning lines of Omnipotent poetry,

At times that of the intriguingly electric brain and sensuously magical eyes; whilst unstoppably fantasizing beyond the aisles of victoriously ebullient desire,

At times that of a ubiquitously nourishing mother and uninhibitedly expressing child; whilst flagrantly hurt from countless pernicious elements of the atmosphere,

At times that of a prudently guiding father and impudently argumentative son; whilst making the most poignantly sensitive decisions of vibrant life,

At times that of a blissfully snoring master and inevitably persevering slave; whilst the demands of unceasingly strenuous life; demanded commensurate portions of rest and ardent activity,

At times that of insuperably redolent blood and ecstatically blessed veins; whilst being immortally bonded into the most invaluably unshakable religion of humanity,
At times that of the eclectically sculptured masculine palm and inexplicably intrepid destiny lines; whilst handsomely rising up to even the most intangible challenge
posed by enchanting life,

At times that of a compassionately invincible nest and wholeheartedly sprawling tree; whilst jubilantly trying to safeguard diminutively innocent infants; from every precariously stabbing element of life,

At times that of an indomitably towering edifice and impregnably unflinching foundation; whilst trying to timelessly maintain the most peerlessly undefeated
equilibrium of existence,

At times that of frostily effervescent milk and royal toppings of enamoring cream; whilst passionately trying to savor even the most imperceptibly seductive flavor of survival,

At times that of an immortally passionate heart and unassailably throbbing beats; whilst freshly falling into the gorges of everlastingly epitomizing love,

And at times that of a stupendously virile husband and ravishingly potent wife; whilst invincibly wrapped in conjugal rhapsody in the fronds of the naked mattress; and making fearlessly untamed love.


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