Past, Present And Near Future

As innocuous as the wail of a newly born infant; sleeping blissfully in his
airtight cradle,
As evanescent as the sun setting behind the mountains; giving way to the descending of night,
As nimble as the fleet footed squirrel; traversing night and day through hollow spaces of the tree,
As tender as a woman draped in pure silk; her embellished eyelids lowered a trifle in meek submission,
As redolent as the tendrils of the blossoming rose; shimmering in magnificent
color under orange rays of the Sun,
As impeccable as the spires of the Temple; towering harmoniously towards the
sky, Was my early childhood and past.

As speedy as the flying aircraft; cutting placid currents of breeze at electric velocity,
As boisterous as the kangaroo; taking two leaps at a time,
As rambunctious as the humming bee; buzzing discordant and loud at all times,
As tenacious as the milky white moon; profoundly illuminating the ghastly darkness,
As passionate as thunder clouds colliding in the cosmos; and the subsequent pelting down of torrential rain,
As pragmatic as commercial business; equating the intricate nuances of life,
Is my robustly rubicund youth and present.

As mystical as the unfathomable gorge; the echo reverberating loud and stringent across the valley,
As mysterious as the enigmas of the universe; infinite riddles of creation left unexplored,
As inexplicable as the sporadic shedding of leaves in autumn; the rendering of lush green landscapes into barren land,
As poignant as the hood of the serpent; its fangs snaring viciously in spell bound enchantment,
As uncanny as the underground volcano; with its dormant lava unpredictably circulating all around,
And I now leave it entirely on my omniscient creator to chisel my dreams; mold my destiny; unveil my near future.


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