Peaceful Friend

A dog is an animal of peace and love,
He is adolescent and tough.
He has his ears cocked high up in the air,
His feet are locked in mystery’s grace,
He disappears around without a trace.
His indignant eyeballs are lovely brown,
Which depict the splendor of his hometown.
His body is well muscled, his cheeks jutting out,
as he prepares himself for the final bout.
His silky whiskers are well pruned and sturdy,
They can withstand the inevitable heat of summer,
They get geared up for a lot to come.
He has teeth as sharp as a mouse,
He has this uncanny ability to find himself a fulfilling spouse.
He has his tail endowed to him by nature,
Which shakes and wags vociferously at instant of joy,
But shrinks in fear at sights of a wicked boy.
His square and robust head ultimates to express itself,
His stomach hungry to human grace.


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