Perils Of Old Age

There was a heavy shrinkage of body bones,
supple parchments of skin had now transited to decayed yellow,
the cheeks had sunk well within cavities of hollow,
juicy pulp of lips resembled jagged outlines of smashed rock,
the harmony of teeth was broken by gaping tunnels of black,
crystal marbles of the eye had relinquished the power to see,
handsome pairs of shoulders stooped disconcertingly towards earth,
a paltry few hair on the scalp had turned a disdainful grizzly white,
frigid feet now ached when i placed them on the ground to walk,
knotty hard fingers had shriveled to bonded sticks of soft pencil,
chambers in the ear abnegated all voices in proximity,
huge tendrils of white fiber emanated from my nose,
calcium coats of nail had stopped growing on my finger,
the kidneys malfunctioned with a plethora of stone,
chocolate brown sacs of liver had condensed to small specks.

i felt newly born again, needing someone to cuddle me, make me go to sleep,
alas! i was all alone leading life in absolute desolation,
my spouse had deserted me several years ago,
the people around viewed me with contempt and loads of dejection,
my tongue quavered violently when wanting to speak,
bowels in my intestines refused all food,
the walking stick now bore insults, the brunt of few pounds of my weight,
i was 90 years old, on the verge of extinction from realms of mother earth,
tear drops from my eyes had dried decades ago,
the only gratification was, that i still breathed air, reminisced radiant
images of my youth.


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