Perpetually And Extraordinarily Spicy

Neither too smiling; culminating into the most indefatigably relentless of chortles every unfurling instant; and that too without the slightest reason or rhyme,

Neither too victorious; forever and ever and ever wanting the flag of unfettered triumph; to hoist high and handsome towards the sky; whilst not realizing that each human has his/her own egregiously defeated day,

Neither too fragrant; surreptitiously cloistering every ounce of haplessly despairing stench; which needed immediate and inevitable attention; for the amelioration from treacherous confinement,

Neither too strong; incessantly trying to win every bit of barren space on this fathomlessly enchanting earth; with the radiations of brawn and brain; instead of royally stirring the chords of the compassionate chest,

Neither too colorful; profusely inundating the canvas of this spectacularly unceasing Universe with so much unbelievable vibrancy; that there remained simply no room for rustically righteous and ubiquitous simplicity,

Neither too supreme; insatiably harboring the urge to valiantly rule over every other organism; instead of bonding in the threads of amiably invincible friendship; with one and all symbiotically alike,

Neither too fudged; limitlessly adorned like a bride for times immemorial even after the wedding was long over; ostentatiously overruling the corridors of simplistically truthful humanity,

Neither too lackadaisical; letting the waves of insidiously hedonistic negativity crucify the unsurpassably undefeated passion; inherently lingering in the blessedly fructifying atmosphere,

Neither too sensitive; miserably collapsing into a non-existent pool of forlorn nothingness; with the most infinitesimally parsimonious draught of orphaned wind,

Neither too beautiful; inevitably attracting every tangible piece of attention towards your very inflated self; even as countless more deserving than you slithered in the aisles of desperate oblivion,

Neither too artistic; indefatigably being nothing else but a tirelessly fulminating inferno of tempestuous emotions; pathetically floundering to mélange with infinite more normal men and women of your kind,

Neither too brilliant; interminably evolving into an unsurpassably unbridled civilization of heroic genius every unraveling instant; when your newborn infant
wanted just a few humanitarianly ordinary hugs from your soul,

Neither too wealthy; splurging an infinite notes of currency to mollify the most anomalously eccentric of your desire; whereas on the other hand fathomless humans died like a horde of mosquitoes; without those two quintessential morsels of food,

Neither too religious; abnegating several philanthropically symbiotic activities and sinfully considering several innocent as untouchables; on the pretext of staunchly disoriented religion,

Neither too perspicacious; hardly succumbing to any fallacy as you executed a zillion tasks a minute; wantonly overruling the age old axiom of -To err is absolutely human,

Neither too satisfied; massacring the very crux of spell-bindingly tantalizing desire; aimlessly gallivanting through the fields of wastrel inactivity; with even the most invincibly inimitable prosperity at your nimble feet,

Neither too philosophical; inhaling and exhaling each breath of vibrantly ecstatic life in crassly biasedidealism; instead of unflinchingly following the mantra of –
Survival of the Fittest,

Neither too fiery; baselessly sizzling in the aisles of seductively virile flirtation and uxorious romance; when there existed innumerable mercilessly betrayed hearts; crumbling towards hapless deterioration; right infront of your window pane,

But life I irrefutably feel and infact should be an efficaciously commensurate blend of all these; O! Yes life should forever and ever and ever be a complete meal; which needn’t be quintessentially royal; but would brilliantly suffice and was more than divine; if it was just perpetually and extraordinarily spicy.


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