Pillar Of Love

They blasted it with the most pugnacious of explosive; planting corrugated
sticks of dynamite around its periphery,
It bravely bore the onslaught; didn’t sway a single inch; instead fortified its roots firmly into the ground.

They fired a volley of bullets from my compact pistol; caressing the air at
swashbuckling speeds before striking the wall,
It stood unperturbed like a handsome prince; and there was not the slightest
of indentation.

They hurled at it colossal buckets of fuming acid; drenching its demeanor with
blistering liquid,
It refrained to change its complexion; and sparkled even more after the aftermath.

They incessantly sprinkled it with disdainful petrol wildly bursting from hospices; then ignited the same with a blazing torch;
It however refrained to catch fire; shimmered mystically under the pearly moon.

They attempted to chop it down with their acrimonious axe; indiscriminately
slashing at its body,
It neither bled nor wept; while the axes after a while seemed to be
thoroughly battered and bruised.

They dug the earth to fathomless depths; feeding its foundation with a
battalion of parasitic termites,
It resisted their ominous attack; the termites after several days felt exorbitantly exhausted and eventually slept.

They tied it with chains and iron shackles; tugged at it with from all sides
exerting tumultuous strength,
It didn’t utter the slightest of whisper; neither did it move a centimeter; proving their vindictive attempts worthlessly futile.

They left a fleet of hostile vulture to devour it; pulverize its persona to threadbare rags,
It remained as stoical as ever; and the birds flew away without trying to invade and harm it.

They then banged and pummeled it with their fists; as a manifestation of their anger and frustration,
Used all paraphernalia they could lay their hands on to dismantle it; it still stood like rock unmoved by the proceedings.

It had withstood the severest of test on umpteenth an occasion; without yielding to pressures of ostentation and society,
And grew more formidable, as the prejudiced tried to crush it; the dictators tried to capture it; and the opulent tried to purchase it,
It had remained as fresh as a new born for centuries unprecedented; it possessed the immortal blessings of God,
O! yes it was indeed the one and only invincible pillar of love.


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