Please Save The Planet

I have never witnessed the clouds bursting so ferociously in the sky before; streaks of diabolical lightening sweep viciously across the fathomless cosmos,

I have never witnessed the waves rise so treacherously in the oceans before; savagely clashing in torrents against the chain of black rocks,

I have never witnessed the soil reverberate more thunderously before; every structure on obdurate ground collapsing like a pack of frigid matchsticks,

I have never witnessed the breeze so violently rustling before; an incomprehensibly sinister voice echo through the hollow valleys,

I have never wtinessed lava so fulminating from the belly of earth before; charring even the most infinitesimal of organism in near vicinity,

I have never witnessed avalanches build up so prolifically before; mammoth mountains of insidiously freezing ice; uncouthly devouring each innocuous structure; as they diffused into infinite balls of snow,

I have never witnessed that ominously orange tinge in the sky before; the wave of untamed anger lingering profound and austerely profuse; even after the Sun had
disappeared beyond the horizons,

I have never witnessed the Moon stay so long behind the blanket of clouds before; accentuating evil shades of the night to the most unprecedented limits,

I have never witnessed the river swell so gigantically before; incarcerating even the most astronomical summit of the colossal mountain; in its tumultuous swirl,

I have never witnessed the fires blazing so poignantly before; with the flames relentlessly crackling; even torrential downpours of inclement rain,

I have never witnessed the scorpions running so menacingly in the fields before; ready to stab their venomous fangs into whomsoever who came their way,

I have never witnessed the battalion of vultures soaring so ardently over the bustling city; awaiting every unleashing minute to descend down; and pluck the eyes of humble entities hovering around,

I have never witnessed the atmosphere turn a ghastly scarlet at the unveiling of ethereal dawn; droplets of satanic blood raining down unrelentingly from the festoon of
tree leaves,

I have never witnessed the sands whistle at such thunderbolt velocities before; wholesomely blinding innocuous personalities who unwittingly crept their way,

I have never witnessed the fleet of panthers unite together before; galloping towards the blissful township; to ruthlessly pulverize the township of impeccable humans into raw bone,
I have never witnessed the rocks tumble down in such a rampant frenzy before; fanatically augmenting their fervor as they were just about to kiss the chocolate
brown mud,

I have never witnessed spider weaving its web so boisterously before; oozing countless threads every single second to strangulate its timid prey; to horrendous death,

And I have never witnessed everything in such a frantic turmoil before; everything barbarically looming like a sword upon the holistic earth,

Therefore it is my humble plea to you O! Almighty Lord; on behalf of all my philanthropic countrymen; please forgive us if we might have committed anything
inadvertently against your Omnipotent grace; and even if you don’t want to forgive us; please save this mesmerizing planet from disastrous extinction.


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