Please do disturb me in enchanting night of chilly winter,
when i sleep like an angel; strangulated in the fragrance of blueberry musk.

Please keep miles away when i drive my battered jalopy,
with the horns wailing; and rustic shards of metal protruding out.

Please take me with you in mesmerizing waters of the blue ocean,
for i desire to swim parallel to the pearly white shark; and sapphire blue whale.

Please help me carry cumbersome loads hung to my dainty shoulders,
As I contracted a deadly sprain, tripping down from the balcony rail.

Please flood my mundane ears with pungent notes of captivating music,
Nostalgically imprisoning me in mind, body and soul.

Please inspire me to read vociferously through innumerable pages of history literature,
Rendering me capable to conquer invincible might’s of examination.

Please prepare a concoction of steaming brown coffee with extracts of pure honey,
Facilitating me to perspire in solitary hours past midnight.

Please help me disentangle a jugglery of thread wound to my wrist,
Releasing my blood from jaws of sinister captivity.

Please refrain from indulging in animated talk with pedestrians,
As volcanic pangs of jealousy would shoot through my veins.

Please adorn your hair with scented braids of rose flower,
Drowning my starved nostril into waves of everlasting euphoria.

Please don’t get angry when I commit erroneous blunders,
As I surely would patch up for them at prime costs of my life.

Please walk beside me with your hands entwined in mine,
For me to perceive the passionate warmth radiating from your fingers.

Please stay with me for the time we breathe,
For if you deserted me; I would simply relinquish all power to live.


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