Poetry – Happy New Year.

On this euphorically victorious occasion, as the 31st December of 2015 has now unfurled into a brilliantly omnipotent Sunlit morning of January 1; 2016, genuinely wanted to share
my Poem.

May the coming year, bestow upon you bountiful Riches,

Bless you with all that is wholeheartedly benevolent,

Reinforce your life with fathomless number of living years,

Exempt you from all misdeeds you inadvertently committed,

Eradicate traces of hysterical agony from your heart,

Transform the bleary caricature of your face into one with sacrosanct smiles,

Freeze tears of inexplicable gloom, which oozed profusely from your immaculately magical eyes,

Safeguard you invincibly against deathly mishaps and obnoxious falls,

Fill your belly with sumptuous food every unleashing minute of the day,

Quench your thirst for philanthropic prosperity; with sacrosanct blessings from the ALMIGHTY LORD,

Clear evil mists obscuring your demeanor,

Evacuate the pointed thorns adhering solidly to your nimble feet,

Endow you with uninhibited charisma; harmoniously drawing flocks of people,

Drive away the vindictive ready to strangulate you,

Place you in a palace flowing with versatile calm,

Revitalize your soul as the Sun dazzles bright every dawn,

Here’s my friend; wishing you and all those bouncing in the insatiable euphoria to lead a countless more lives every day,



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