Promise Me

Promise me you wont change like the seasons; leaving me solitary and dilapidated wandering aimlessly on the mountains,

Promise me you wont transform your color like the vivacious chameleon; betraying me when I had started loving you the most,

Promise me you wont swirl away like the passing winds; abandoning me in a state of inexplicable despair and tears,

Promise me you wont gallivant unscrupulously with another man; besieging me with waves of bizarre shock; freezing my blood in its veins,

Promise me you wont philander the ominous streets at night incarcerating me in chains; causing me to wait with my eyes wide open until you returned back,

Promise me you wont disappear like the moon in the cosmos; leaving me insurmountably anguished bereft of your presence,

Promise me you wont strangulate me like a reptile; for it is not the deadly venom I would fear; rather would feel extremely disillusioned by the concept of immortal love,

Promise me you wont vanish away from my sight like the ephemeral rainbow; for I will stand unrelentingly till I saw you again,

Promise me you wont metamorphose your shape with enhancing age; for I wanted you just like the innocuous child I met several years ago,

Promise me you wont evaporate like the floating clouds; leaving me midway in my insatiable quest to conquer life,

Promise me you wont radiate intermittently like the uncanny stars; for I desired you to be my perennial source of shine,

Promise me you wont retreat your neck back like the protuberant tortoise; for I needed you as my tumultuous inspiration when on the battlefield,

Promise me you wont fall like the fruit when subjected to the onslaught of a mighty cyclone; for I would not possess the slightest power to pick you up and witness your lifeless face,
Promise me you wont dry like the monsoon river; for I wholesomely depended on the stirrings of your soul to pacify my thirst,

Promise me you wont get erased like the pencil marks do when scrubbed by a rubber; for my life would collapse in disdainful shambles if you weren’t here,

Promise me you wont fly away like birds do in hibernation; leaving me sobbing hysterically; thumping my hands against the wall; until they bled,

Promise me you wont shirk furtively away from my presence; for I would be left with no other option but ripping apart my throbbing heart,

Promise me you wont get carried away by all the glamour and graffiti; for I might miserably flounder to provide you with all the ostentation; all I could do was inundate you with true love from my persona,

Promise me you wont elope like the bees into different houses; for I needed you indispensably to apply sweet honey on my lips,

And promise me you’ll never leave me come what may in the tenure of our lives; for I would relinquish breath the second you did so; not possessing the tenacity to survive without your celestial body.


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