Violent streaks of nail polish Violet,
Circular shades of flaming Indigo,
Thick envelope of heavenly cloud Blue,
Fat smear of bright parrot Green,
Thin smudges of neglected dirty Yellow,
Peripheral paint lines of blazing Orange,
Encapsulating outlines of deathly Red,
Prompted by brilliant sunshine in cascading rain,
Sky patches of light blue,
Sun ball shining in full heat at boiling point,
Thin wisps of pale white cloud cover,
Dispersed in distant boundaries of the Sun,
Shriveled to an iota of their traditional attire,
Which is dark grey with blushes of black,
Now discharging rain in sunlight,
Forming a perfect vibgyor rainbow,
To the insurmountable delight of living organism,
Existing in spiceless moments of robotically worldly life.


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