Rather Than Feeling Depressed

I would rather unflinchingly embrace the corpses of staggering defeat; than worthlessly entangling myself in the webs of sordid corruption and feeling severely

I would rather hang myself bizarrely upside down without the most inconspicuous of regret; than being luridly lured by spurious politicians all the time and feeling torturously depressed,

I would rather mercilessly annihilate every chord of my intricate throat with a blazing smile; than being maneuvered like a pompous puppet by the chains of the turgidly conventional society and feeling flagrantly depressed,

I would rather plummet wide-eyed from the epitome of the towering mountain; than being abusively molested by the sanctimoniously rich and feeling invidiously depressed,

I would rather parade bare skinned amidst the pack of hedonistically menacing tigers; than being baselessly pulverized by the dungeons of feckless unemployment
and feeling nonchalantly depressed,

I would rather uninhibitedly scream the very last iota of voice in my throat towards blue sky; than being transcended by the rules of emaciating monotony and feeling treacherously depressed,

I would rather fearlessly transgress on a blanket of truculently acrimonious thorns; than being drawn into the aisles of unbearably prejudiced greed and feeling
horrendously depressed,

I would rather patriotically behead myself in a pool of fragrantly crimson blood; than surrendering to the traitors of my sacrosanct motherland and feeling barbarically depressed,

I would rather proudly digest a meal of threadbare mud and lackadaisical stone; than feasting at the cost of my comrades in tumultuous grief and feeling sodomizingly depressed,

I would rather altruistically thrash every cranny of my brain till it indiscriminately bled; than targeting my own comrade’s scalp for parsimonious wads of debasing money and feeling pugnaciously depressed,

I would rather tirelessly walk on the road towards my eternally triumphant freedom; than being ghastily incarcerated by the devastating clouds of perniciously debilitating solitude and feeling cold-bloodedly depressed,

I would rather unabashedly proclaim my love to even the most infinitesimal quarter of this colossal Universe; than drowning in the insipid ponds of betrayal and feeling tyrannically depressed,

I would rather timidly pulverize myself into diminutive bits of meaningless ash; than diabolically overpowering the symbiotic empathy of ever holistic organism and feeling lugubriously depressed,

I would rather honorably exonerate apart even the most mercurial vein of mine; than fiendishly propagating the strings of raunchy terror in synergistically existing tribes and feeling doggedly depressed,

I would rather gloriously jump from the high flying aircraft without a single parachute on my impoverished demeanor; than gregariously blending with the traumatizing hijackers and feeling horribly depressed,

I would rather exuberantly immolate my body in flames in my quest for everlasting truth; than being lasciviously enticed by graveyards of abhorrent manipulation and feeling remorsefully depressed,

I would rather deliberately blind my eyes with swords of scintillating righteousness; than inevitably witnessing evil burgeoning on every quarter of earth just because people wanted it to and feeling haplessly depressed,

I would rather intransigently listen to the voices of my immortally throbbing heart; than being made a worthless object of transient ridicule; by every fraternity of the disastrously penalizing society and feeling stupidly depressed,

O! Yes; I would rather intrepidly abrogate breath this very instant from my lungs; than living life like a livid insect; horrifically crippled by the feet of malevolent power and feeling zanily depressed.


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