Rectangular Bar Of Chewing Gum

It imparted an incredulously tangy taste to my tongue; embedding its flavor in the remotest corners of my mouth,
Made irrefutably sure that I emanated a ravishing aroma all day; without the
tyranny of brushing my garden of pointed teeth.

It engendered me to produce loads of saliva; spitting it intermittently on concrete pavements,
Changed the complexion of my voice from a rustically hoarse and sonorous; to
one which was sweet American slang.

It served as an excellent alternative to passing time; as I painstakingly rolled it behind my lips,
Molding it into a plethora of shapes before eventually gulping it; occasionally protruding some part of it in the outside air.

It had the ability to incorrigibly stick to strands of my hair; unceremoniously sticking between the silken follicles,
Resisting all attempts to come out when I plucked; with the only option remaining was mercilessly tonsuring my scalp with a barbaric razor.

It fomented an incessant flow of tingling sensations in my persona; producing a host of slurping noises as I talked,
Impregnated my body with a feeling of perpetual contentment; reigning supreme over all other existing taste.

It intractably blended with my intestines when I inadvertently swallowed it; resting peacefully like a parasitic leech,
And despite frantic attempts on my part to drive it out; didn’t extrude as I expurgated my bowels.

It proved to be an indispensable commodity while in business meetings; easing
tumultuous tension from my nerve-racked mind,
Helping me divert my attention sporadically; envisage and chalk new policies with loads of innovative precision.

It caused me to slip when adhering to the rough floor; losing my balance awkwardly as I unconsciously tread on,
Although I didn’t rebuke or castigate it vehemently; as I found myself lying on the celestial feet of my sweetheart.

It impregnated a chirpy aura to my demeanor; making me superficially perceive
years beyond my age,
And the best thing about it was that it formed a gigantic bubble when I dexterously inflated it; blowing slim draughts of air trapped in my chest,
As it snapped with a thunderous bang into multiple fragments; which was all
that was now left of my rectangular bar of chewing gum.


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